No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3 Key Art

Travis Touchdown returns for one more action-packed, blood-soaked romp in No More Heroes 3

Evil aliens, lead by Prince FU, are looking to conquer Earth by any means necessary. Prince FU sends his own band of intergalactic assassins to take over the planet, but now the only thing standing in their way is Travis Touchdown and his own crew of fighters. Armed with his classic Beam Katana along with some new tech, Travis battles all the way to the top of the Galatic Superhero Rankings to stop the invading force. 

Featuring a lot of the hallmarks you would expect from a SUDA 51 game, No More Heroes 3 promises a strong return to the stylish gameplay found in No More Heroes, complete with stylish wrestling moves, tons of quirky characters, and enough mundane minigames around Santa Destroy for you to explore. 

No More Heroes 3 is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. 

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Game Info
Nintendo Switch
Release Date
August 27, 2021 (Calendar)
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