Suda 51 Would Like to Make No More Heroes 3

12/23/2014 - 15:49 | By: Bryan Heraghty

Suda 51 expressed interest in returning to the No More Heroes franchise during an interview with Edge Magazine.

No More Heroes was a smash hit as far as we were concerned, and I wanted to return to it and to make it a series over which we would take great care. I often get asked to make a third game. Right now we're busy with Let It Die, but Travis is a character we could even return to in ten years' time. When the timing is right, I'd like to do so. - Goichi Suda
Suda also mentioned the process of building the Travis Touchdown character while developing No More Heroes. Recharging Travis' beam katana via suggestive shaking came from more than the obvious phallic reference. Suda got the idea from a rechargeable flashlight he owned that recharged when he shook it. He believed the idea fit the Wii's motion controls perfectly.

The CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture described the support from Nintendo of America/Europe  in bringing the mature rated game to Nintendo's console. He touched on how supportive those branches of the company were of the games intended vision, and how the lighter versions of the game, with missing head decapitations, were released in Japan as well as in Europe.

Suda 51/Grasshopper Manufacture's new game "Let It Die" is a free-to-play hack and slasher for the Playstation 4.



The game will feature asynchronous combat by using other players' data, and players can take clothes and weapons from other characters to customize themselves. Outside of these few details, little else is known about the game or how the game will monetize. Let It Die will be the first game by Grasshopper Manufacture since Gung-Ho Entertainment (known for the free-to-play game Puzzles and Dragons)  acquired the game company. Let It Die by Grasshopper Manufacture is currently estimated for a 2015 release. More details are likely to come during E3 2015.

What is your opinion? Do you want to see another No More Heroes game? Should it be exclusive to Nintendo's console like the first game? (At least at first anyway) Should Travis Touchdown be featured in Smash Bros. as some have  suggested with Bayonetta? Sound off in the comments below!

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