No More Heroes 3 Might be Travis Touchdown's Final Game

No More Heroes 3 Director Suda 51 has stated on Twitter and elsewhere that this might be Travis Touchdown's last game... but an interview says the series may come back in the future

Published: August 27, 2021 10:42 AM /


No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3 looks like it might be the last game for Travis Touchdown and the No More Heroes series in general due to reasons outside of Suda51's control. As today is the day the game officially launches, Suda51 went on Twitter to talk about how the game was originally supposed to be called No More Heroes 3 Final Bout - All-Out Galactic War. That title proved to be unwieldy, so No More Heroes 3 was the title ultimately decided upon. He also talked about how the 'Final Bout' portion of the title is as it sounds, as Travis Touchdown's journey is "finally coming to the end". Or is it?

What's Going on With The No More Heroes Series and Travis Touchdown?

While Suda51 is today talking about how this is the final journey for Travis Touchdown and that it's his last battle for both him and the franchise, that doesn't actually appear to be the case. In an interview with GameXplain reported on by GameRant just 12 days ago, Suda51 stated that he is open to both a spin-off (probably featuring Shinobu Jacobs) and No More Heroes 4, but while he's willing other parties might not be:

"Marvelous owns a majority of the IP and Grasshopper owns a part of it," said Suda51 to GameRant. "The problem is we can’t go off and do whatever we want with these characters, but everyone at Grasshopper is really conscious of Shinobu’s importance as a character, and she’s even iconic to some fans."

That doesn't mean that Suda51 isn't willing to let the series fade out to black with the release of No More Heroes 3. However, it does seem that if he's given the green light he's open to the idea of more games in the No More Heroes universe. 

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