Catherine: Full Body

catherine: full body
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Atlus, Studio Zero
PlayStation 4
Release Date
September 3, 2019 (Calendar)
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Catherine: Full Body retells the story of Atlus's original 2011 PlayStation 3 exclusive, Catherine. The adult tale revolves around Vincent, who cheats on his long-term girlfriend, Katherine, with a sultry young woman named Catherine. Meanwhile, he has recurring nightmares that force him to climb a continuously crumbling tower. If he falls from it, he dies in real life.

Full Body adds new layers to the title. There are more tower puzzles than ever before, and the story can change thanks to the addition of Rin. This new love interest puts more choices at the player's fingertips, letting them explore up to 13 endings to the story.

Developer Quote

Richer, more rounded, increasingly complex. The captivating tale of 2011's award-winning Catherine returns in Catherine: Full Body.

Our indecisive protagonist, Vincent, has been with his long-time girlfriend, Katherine, for five years. But instead of taking the next step into marriage, Vincent finds himself in an affair with the provocative blonde bombshell, Catherine! Thrown into discord by his own infidelity, he finds solace in the innocent Rin – further complicating matters. Adding to Vincent’s dilemma, he begins having nightmares that force him to climb for his life... Will he survive the trials and tribulations of love, or fall to temptations?

Packed with improved visuals and gameplay, brand-new music, enhanced multiplayer options, and much more, prepare yourself for a Full Body experience!