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Catherine: Full Body Review

Catherine is a game I remember being excited for because it had Katsura Hashino at the helm as director and producer. For the uninitiated, he led the development of the Persona series since 3. In the…

August 30, 2019 | 10:30 EDT

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Catherine: Full Body

Catherine: Full Body retells the story of Atlus's original 2011 PlayStation 3 exclusive, Catherine. The adult tale revolves around Vincent, who cheats on his long-term girlfriend, Katherine, with a…

August 30, 2019 | 10:29 EDT

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Catherine: Full Body Reveals a Richer Story

Back in 2011, Sega threw a quirky curveball at everyone called Catherine. Now, eight years later, Sega’s back at it with Catherine: Full Body. This new title tells an upgraded version of the original…

June 19, 2019 | 12:00 EDT

catherine: full body

"Surprise Announcement" Planned For Catherine: Full Body E3 Afterparty

Atlus is planning to host a Catherine: Full Body-themed party after E3 2019. The party will take place on June 12th and will contain a "surprise announcement" about the game. The party's EventBrite…

June 2, 2019 | 12:30 EDT


Catherine: Full Body Arrives September 3rd

The hit puzzle game Catherine returns September 3rd with loads of new content and features in Catherine: Full Body. In this puzzle game, Vincent, a down on his luck guy finds he his being with his…

February 14, 2019 | 04:56 EST


ATLUS' Catherine Classic Comes to Steam

Sega has hyped up an obvious Catherine PC port the last week by posting sheep on various Steam pages by the publisher. The not-so-subtle Australian rating board also rated it last December, causing…

January 10, 2019 | 02:30 EST

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PS4 Share Will Be Blocked In 2nd Half Of Catherine: Full Body's Story Mode

The upcoming puzzle platformer remake Catherine: Full Body will have a block on the usage of PS4 Share for the second half of the game's story mode as reported by Persona Central. Catherine: Full…

November 6, 2018 | 05:15 EST

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Catherine: Full Body Coming West; Teaser Video Released

Coming off the heels of its reveal of Catherine: Full Body earlier this week, Atlus confirmed the remaster will be coming to the West. The reveal also comes with a new English-language website and…

December 23, 2017 | 09:30 EST