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Trinket Studios
Adult Swim Games
Nintendo Switch, PC
Release Date
November 20, 2017 (Calendar)
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Battle Chef Brigade combines combo-based sidescrolling combat with puzzle mechanics to give players a game that will make you feel like you're in a fantasy version of Iron Chef. Use the combos and abilities of Mina and Thrash to take down the monsters of Victusia within each cooking arena to gather the materials you need to prepare a dish guaranteed to impress each judge. The more elements you can match and combine, the higher your score and the greater the dish!

Hunt down monsters within the arena as well as the plantlife within it to gather materials, then use those cooking materials to create dishes in Iron Chef-style cook-offs that have both a required "main ingredient" and certain requirements to please each judge. Use different pots, pans, and light RPG elements to improve the efficiency of your element-matching to create greater and greater dishes!

Battle Chef Brigade features a full story mode that allows players to step into the shoes of Mina and Thrash as they make their way through the Tournament being held to find the best chefs in Victusia to join the Battle Chef Brigade - an elite squad of warrior-cooks who are tasked with protecting the people of Victusia all while delivering delicious meals prepared from their remains. You'll get to know two fully voiced and animated characters, along with a supporting cast as you seek to find out if you have what it takes to be a member of the Brigade and work together to solve the mystery of why people around Victusia are getting ill!

If you're looking for a challenge after the story mode, Battle Chef Brigade also features a Daily Cook-Off mode that pits you against a different cooking challenge each day. Win and grow your rank within the Brigade! If that's not enough, there's also Puzzle Rush and the Break the Dishes platforming challenges!