Indy PopCon 2016 - Battle Chef Brigade

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Indy PopCon 2016 Battle Chef Brigade

When we were looking over Indy PopCon’s site to reach out to a number of devs and set up times to talk about their games, Battle Chef Brigade was one of the games that looked quite interesting. Blending hunting for your ingredients by defeating creatures with a puzzle-based cooking element, all while being timed for competition, was definitely something we wanted to find out more about!

I played the short demo before coming to Indy PopCon this year and will say that without writing a full preview (which will come soon), the game is definitely unique and offers a “cooking” experience different than any other game you’ve played before. Simple controls mixed with a really easy to understand gameplay system make Battle Chef Brigade easy to pick up and play. As the President of Trinket Studios told us, you can really feel the inspiration from Super Smash Bros, Guardian Heroes, and others!

The story behind Battle Chef Brigade is pretty much what you think it would be; it was inspired by the show Iron Chef when the developers realized there wasn’t a chef-based game that wasn’t just a mini-game or purely frivolous. They then set out to make Battle Chef Brigade, a game that blends Iron Chef-style cooking competition with combat-focused ingredient gathering.

Without going too much into what we discussed in the interview below, the developers have spent a lot of time making sure that all of the aspects of the game are well-done. They are spending time on combat to ensure it’s just right, then switching to cooking, and back again, always fine-tuning to ensure that every play is consistent with the quality they want as they continue development of the game. Check out the full interview below:

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