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Adult Swim Games has announced Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe, available on August 28th, which will coincide with the first release on the PS4. The Deluxe update will be free for current owners on PC and Switch and brings with it a newly playable character, a few new modes, and a whole host of other changes. You can read through the list as detailed over on the Playstation blog. The free Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe update will be available to everyone starting August 28th.

Battle Chef Brigade is developer Trinket Studios first major non-mobile release. In the world of Victusia, members of the elite Battle Chef Brigade hunt down fearsome monsters, and then turn those monsters into delicious cuisine. The path to joining the Brigade is anything but easy, however. Two contestants set out on their own journeys through the gauntlet-style tournament in the hopes of one day joining the elites. Blending side-scrolling brawling action with match-3 cooking duels, Battle Chef Brigade is anything but your standard indie game. Too many cooks spoil the broth, but Trinket Studios delicately balanced the puzzle-based cooking with the fighting portion, while still seasoning it all with some "light RPG progression."

The Deluxe update brings a newly controllable character, as well as some other oft-requested features. Necromancer Ziggy, previously just an ally, is now fully playable. Relying heavily on his summoned undead, Ziggy can hold his own in a fight, should he need to. The other major feature coming to Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe is local split-screen multiplayer. Two players duel for the best ingredients in an arena, before engaging in one final cook-off. The other features coming are as follows:

  • New Survival Mode: A speedy arcade mode where a death in the arena ends your run. Each win lets you pick from an assortment of items as you conquer the leaderboards.
  • New Free Play Mode: Practice hunting in any biome and crafting the 120+ dishes. This is the place to perfect your combos and analyze each ecosystem.
  • New Gallery: As you level up your Brigade Rank with Survival runs and bouts in the updated Daily Cook-Offs, you unlock gorgeous concept art.
  • New maps: Enter the Darkrealm in Daily Cook-Off, Free Play, Survival, and Multiplayer!
  • New Challenges: Ziggy gets his own pair of Break the Dishes stages.
  • Accessibility Improvements: We’ve added color-blind options, updated fragile state art, and let you fast-forward through duel introductions.
  • Thrash Buffs: Everyone’s favorite father of two has a much-improved Counter, better Berserk timer, and speed tweaks.

The release on PS4 was planned as part of the original Kickstarter campaign, which also hinted towards a release on the Xbox One. While we've yet to hear any information regarding the Xbox version, the team at Trinket is sticking to their originally promised goals. Ziggy too was also planned for release as part of a stretch goal, but Trinket opted not to release him initially, as during development the game evolved and the playable characters, originally just Mena and Thrash, got more differentiation. Now, Ziggy has taken advantage of that and gets his time to shine.

Drawing on a fusion of Iron Chef and Saturday morning cartoons, we loved Battle Chef Brigade, and were not alone in our sentiment. With the marked improvement in replayability, plus all the new features, with Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe releasing next week, newcomers and veterans of the arenas alike have much to look forward to.

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