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Madmind Studio
PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date
May 29, 2018 (Calendar)
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Agony is a first person survival horror title that takes place in Hell. As a banished soul with no memories of his past life, players must roam through the landscape in search of the Red Goddess. Along the way, they will encounter any number of sexualized horrors and torturous scenes.

Gameplay is similar to the Resident Evil games, where players must solve a puzzle while a monster stalks them around an area. Otherwise, the player character has a possession skill which allows them to claim the minds of demons and use them to destroy adversaries.

One would imagine Hell in varying shades of reds and blacks, but Agony's take has a wide diversity of colors, pulling from all aspects of the rainbow. Players can expect a visual treat consisting of sprawling, demon-filled landscapes and small, claustrophobic rooms full of death and destruction.

Unlike similar titles in the genre, Agony features open-world levels instead of the expected linearity of traditional horror games. It will take multiple playthroughs to experience every cutscene and gather every collectible.

After completing the primary campaign, players unlock two extra game modes and can an additional six endings to extend playtime. There are score attack and time trial modes as well.

The game was initially a Kickstarter project, but it failed spectacularly, and Agony was deemed dead before arrival. However, the idea generated some hype after a few conventions and some promotion. Soon after, a second, much more successful Kickstarter campaign saw the game funded and then some.

This portrayal of Hell wants to shake players to their core. Between visuals of torture, sexual trauma, and other horrific displays, Agony will do what it can to terrify.

Agony was developed by Madmind Studio and is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. It was made in the Unreal 4 Engine.