Agony UNRATED Is Real, Standard Version Coming To Switch This Year

Published: October 22, 2018 9:11 PM /



The teasing is finally over. Agony UNRATED is real and is coming out on October 31st, Halloween. Yesterday, the Agony Kickstarter page went live with the news and all sorts of details about the update.

First off, the UNRATED version will be free to all Kickstarter backers, who will also get the game early on the 29th. Owners of the original Agony on Steam will receive a 90% discount towards UNRATED. Madmind Studio is both the publisher and developer. The game will retail at 14.99$/14.99€/49.99PLN.

A statement on the page reads:

“We are aware that the premiere of our first game was disappointing for many players, as numerous technical errors and censored content effectively distracted from the game. We would like to apologize for the mistakes we made and to compensate players for a long time waiting for the UNRATED version, making it available at a significantly lower price.”

Here are some updates to the UNRATED edition:

  • Improved character models
  • New enemies and threats
  • Deep character development system
  • New lighting system
  • New environment - the Forest
  • Tons of fresh, uncensored scenes
  • World map and minimap
  • Technical improvements

The post also clarifies some of the “legal issues” Madmind were having earlier this year. To release the UNRATED edition of Agony, the team had to “choose an alternative route” and “announce their suspension” of their work on the title due to a contractual obligation. Now, the deadline for those contracts has passed.

Because of the content, the team can only release Agony UNRATED on PC. If Madmind were to release on console, it would be with an “Adults Only” rating, which most retailers choose not to carry. However, if UNRATED reviews well on PC, Madmind will search for a publisher to release boxed copies of it for a console release.

Finally, the team revealed a Nintendo Switch version of Agony which will see release by the end of 2018. Ultimate Games is doing the port.

In other agonizing news, an Agony look-alike, Unholy, has been revealed. The game is coming from a new studio, Duality Games. However, like Agony originally was, the new title is being published by PlayWay.


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