Stronghold: Warlords

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FireFly Studios
FireFly Studios
Multiplayer modes
PC, Mac
One Time Purchase
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The almost two-decades-old series returns to the real-time strategy scene once more with our best of E3 2019 Nominee, Stronghold: Warlords. Recruit, upgrade and command AI lords in order to boost your strategic power with unique perks and unlock more powerful castles, armies and abilities. Recruit new units, relive historical campaigns and raze your enemies. Medieval entertainment, taxation, torture. Nothing goes too far in your pursuit to become the greatest lord

Developer Quote
The next chapter in Firefly Studios' real-time strategy series, Stronghold: Warlords is Firefly's first game to recreate the castle economies of the Far East. In Warlords you take command of Mongol hordes, imperial warriors and samurai clansmen as you lay siege to Japanese castles and fortified Chinese cities. Besiege historical warlords using new gunpowder-fuelled siege weapons, classic units and a completely new way to play Stronghold.