Stronghold: Warlords Roadmap Promises New Maps and Missions

03/23/2021 - 14:26 | By: Robert N. Adams
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The Stronghold: Warlords Roadmap has been revealed, promising players a substantial amount of post-launch content including Sun Tzu, new maps, new missions, and more!

Stronghold: Warlords is a strategy game that's exactly what it says on the tin: you're a warlord who's in command of a stronghold. You'll build up an economy around your castle, gaining power while simultaneously trying to fend off your adversaries. Now, FireFly Studios has revealed what content players can look forward to later this year!

Stronghold: Warlords Roadmap Spring-Summer 2021

The Stronghold: Warlords Roadmap Promises a Ton of New Content

The Stronghold: Warlords Roadmap lays out a quick briefing on the content players can look forward to for 2021, although it's far from an all-inclusive list.


Here's what's detailed in the Stronghold: Warlords Roadmap:

Minor Updates

  • Extreme Difficulty
  • AI Improvements
  • New Maps
  • Free Build Invasions

Major Updates

  • Sun Tzu
    • 1 New AI Lord (Sun Tzu)
    • New Castle Design
    • New Strategies
    • Featured in Skirmish, MP[,] and Future Updates!
  • Skirmish Trail #1
    • 10 Mission Trail
    • 1 New Unit (Samurai Lancer
    • 2 New Warlords (Beetle & Bear)
    • Field Hospital (Beetle Warlord Edict)
  • Stability Improvements, Quality-of-Life Features, and Bug Fixes
  • ...and More

FireFly Studios has also launched a video going into a little more detail. As noted at the bottom of the Roadmap, you can look forward to seeing various small improvements, bug fixes, and quality-of-life features arriving in the coming months.

One concern some of the more masochistic fans might have is a lack of challenge, especially as they figure out the quirks of the game's systems. This will be addressed with the addition of Extreme Difficulty and AI improvements, both of which should give expert players a seriously tough experience.

If running out of content is your concern, you'll probably be happy to hear that a bunch of new maps are on the way. There is, however, one caveat — FireFly Studios is putting out medium and large maps for this first round of updates; it will "hopefully" move on to releasing extra-large maps in future updates. We may very well see another Roadmap update arrive after this first round of content releases.

You'll have to wait a while to play some of these new goodies, but there's still plenty of content to enjoy in this brand-new game! You can buy Stronghold: Warlords on Steam for $39.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the content detailed in the Stronghold: Warlords Roadmap? What issues do you think the developers need to seriously address? Let us know in the comments below!


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