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The main character looking at writing that says "SHOOT THE TENTACLES" above a dead body in The Callisto Protocol


The infamous trophy for The Callisto Protocol that asked you to see every death appears to have been removed from the final trophy lineup.

The Callisto Protocol picture of a zombie, being used to represent an employee after crunching


The Callisto Protocol Crunch is a problem with CEO of Striking Distance Studios Glen Schofield celebrating the long hours the team is working on it

The Callisto Protocol header image with character standing in a dark area with a gun and space suit on.

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The Callisto Protocol, a heart-pumping survival-horror third-person shooter where players must escape Jupiter's dark moon.

The Callisto Protocol Skybound Entertainment Striking Distance Studios cover


The Callisto Protocol developer Striking Distance Studios will be joined by Skybound Entertainment in a new strategic partnership.

The Callisto Protocol PUBG universe cover


Developer Striking Distance has confirmed that the upcoming survival horror game The Callisto Protocol is set in the same universe as PUBG. Somehow.