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PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for October 2023

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for October 2023 Announced

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the games that all PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive at no additional cost for the month of October 2023, regardless of subscription tier.…

September 27, 2023 | 04:40 EDT

The Callisto Protocol - Jacob Lee Kneeling in Dismay

Dead Space Co-creator “Pursuing New Opportunities” Less Than a Year After Callisto Protocol’s Release

Striking Distance Studios CEO and Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield is leaving the studio. As reported by Bloomberg, parent company Krafton confirmed Schofield's departure to "pursue new…

September 20, 2023 | 05:54 EDT

The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol Gets New Hardcore Mode in Free Update & Paid DLC

Striking Distance Studio released today a free update for the survival horror game The Callisto Protocol including a new mode. The update, which is free for all players, comes with a "Hardcore Mode…

February 7, 2023 | 04:11 EST

Jacob Lee looking at a dead body with the words "SHOOT THE TENTACLES" above it in The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol Gets New Game Plus And More In Latest Update

If you've finished The Callisto Protocol and you're itching for another go-around, then the latest update is for you. New Game Plus has arrived in Striking Distance's third-person horror adventure,…

January 20, 2023 | 03:41 EST

The Callisto Protocol header

The Callisto Protocol Review

We should probably start by addressing the elephant in the room: yes, The Callisto Protocol desperately wants to be Dead Space. From the setting, to the (lack of) UI, to the monsters, everything…

December 10, 2022 | 10:00 EST

The main character looking at writing that says "SHOOT THE TENTACLES" above a dead body in The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol No Longer Asks You To Die For Platinum

It turns out that the list of The Callisto Protocol trophies won't actually include one that asks you to die in every possible way. The full list of trophies for the game has been leaked, and that…

November 22, 2022 | 10:54 EST

The Callisto Protocol picture of a zombie, being used to represent an employee after crunching

The Callisto Protocol Crunch is a Problem With 100 Hour Work Weeks

Former Dead Space creator and now CEO of Striking Distance Studios, Glen Schofield, has revealed on Twitter that the real horror of The Callisto Protocol is working on it as the studio is crunching…

September 3, 2022 | 11:29 EDT

The Callisto Protocol header image with character standing in a dark area with a gun and space suit on.
Game Page

The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol is an upcoming survival-horror game where players take on the life of Jacob Lee, an inmate that is trapped within the walls of the Black Iron Prison. This maximum security…

August 12, 2022 | 11:02 EDT

The Callisto Protocol Skybound Entertainment Striking Distance Studios cover

The Callisto Protocol Devs Add Skybound as Strategic Partner

The Callisto Protocol developer Striking Distance Studios will be joined by Skybound Entertainment in a new strategic partnership that aims to make this new PUBG spin-off as terrifying as possible.…

February 9, 2021 | 02:41 EST

The Callisto Protocol PUBG universe cover

The Callisto Protocol is Set in the PUBG Universe, Apparently

The Callisto Protocol was one of many cool games revealed at The Game Awards 2020, but here's something you probably didn't know: apparently, it's part of the PUBG Universe. Somehow. The Game Awards…

December 11, 2020 | 02:02 EST