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Sifu is a tough-as-nails action game created by Sloclap. On a quest for revenge, take on droves of enemies and bosses in this fulfilling adventure.

The hero of Sifu disarming Kuroki, subduing her.


If you finally beat Sifu but found the ending to be a bit of a downer, the good news is there is a better Sifu alternate ending. Here is our guide.

The detective board from the game, Sifu


Having trouble finding shortcuts or wanting to uncover every Sifu secret to be found in the martial arts brawler? Our Sifu Secret Path guide should

The hero of Sifu stabbing Kuroki with her own knife


Having some trouble figuring out the different attack patterns and quirks of the bosses in Sifu? Check out our Sifu Boss Battle Guide.

The hero of Sifu taking down a giant chef


Need a bit more help understanding parrying, dodging, structure, and other more elements of the brawler Sifu? Check out our Sifu Advanced Combat

The hero of Sifu facing down a group of enemies


Need some help understanding the basics of the martial arts brawler, Sifu? We have a Sifu beginner's guide full of basic progression tips for you.



Sifu's preview packs a punch, with some exhilarating hand-to-hand combat that rivals that of the Batman: Arkham series.

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Sifu is a game by Sloclap, the studio behind a Absolver. Its a third person action title that places players in the shoes of a Kung-fu student.