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The detective board from the game, Sifu

So you're starting to figure out the combat and have started feeling like an action hero in the martial arts brawler, Sifu. But eventually, you are worn down by enemy encounters. Either the numbers are too large, or you just get burned out from facing too many all at once, or some combination of both. Well, Sifu does have checkpoints and some secret paths, some of which even hold fascinating secrets off the beaten path. Here is our guide on every Sifu Secret Path that can be found.

The hero of Sifu in front of a locked door in the Squatts
Welp, time to punch out the guy with the keys.

Sifu Secret Paths Guide – Checkpoints and Shortcut Locations

First, we need to establish how Sifu does its mid-level checkpoints. Generally speaking, when you go through a level for the first time, eventually, you will come across a tougher enemy. This will usually be accompanied by a brief dialogue option of some kind. Once you beat them, you'll be given a key. While this key at first seems to just unlock the door this midboss was guarding, it also opens a shortcut in the level to help you skip earlier bits.


Best of all, these keys are permanently unlocked through your detective board. You just need to get them once, and these shortcuts are available to you at all times. Bear in mind that all of the keys mentioned below are obtained through standard play in Sifu, this guide is just to make sure you don't miss any of the doors they unlock.

The Squatts Shortcut

The one and only major shortcut to be found in The Squatts is right at the beginning. After beating up the two thugs outside, head into the building proper. But instead of going up the stairs, keep moving forward towards the set of double doors. If you got the keys from the pair of tattooed fighters later on in the level, the keys they dropped will unlock this door. With this shortcut, you'll have a straight line right to the warehouse floor battle followed shortly by the boss fight with Fajar.

The Club Shortcut

Sean's Club also has a major shortcut that helps you skip roughly half of its level. After the midboss battle against the pit fighter, you'll get a key card. When you go back through The Club's starting section, after you take down the punk girl on the club's dance floor, head for the double doors on the right side of the room. These are the doors on the opposite of the one where new enemies run in. Your key card should open the door. It will give you straight shot to the upper floor where you can talk to the Club's DJ (more on that later) and let you get straight to the three trials followed by the boss fight with Sean.

The hero of Sifu fighting one of Kuroki's bodyguards
I wish there was a dialogue option that just said, "I need your keys"

The Museum Shortcuts


Believe it or not, there are two major shortcuts in this level. The first is the key card you get from the bodyguard as you go through Kuroki's museum exhibits. This key card can be used to skip the exhibits and take the stairs all the way up to the second half of the level.

The second key is one you get after fighting through Kuroki's modern art gauntlet, striking down her bodyguards and the like. It is an elevator key. You can use this to access the central elevator and ride it straight to Kuroki's boss arena.


The Tower Checkpoint and Shortcut

The Tower has one of the longest stretches without a key checkpoint in Sifu. But once you get it, it's worth it. Once you beat the quarterstaff-wielding bodyguard in the underground sections of the level's second half, you'll get a key card. On future playthroughs, when you are going through the lobby, instead of taking the open elevator on the left, head to the one on the right and use your key card. This will let you skip the entire first half and go straight to the underground sections of the level.

However, The Tower does have a secret unspoken shortcut that can help you get to Jinfeng faster...but at a cost. If you don't want to fight through Jinfeng's waves of ninjas in training, look around for spots where the railing is missing. You can jump down from these areas and skip entire fights, but it will instantly kill you, adding to your death counter. In fact, you can drop down the central chasm and go straight to Jinfeng's boss fight this way. You'll just have to pay the death toll if you want to go this route.

The hero of Sifu in front of a pair of locked doors in The Sanctuary
Just let me in, I don't want to have to run through the garden again.

The Sanctuary Shorcut

There is only one major shortcut to be found in The Sanctuary. It is a key card found on one of Yang's goons you fight just outside his boss arena. You can use it to just walk through the double doors at the beginning to bypass basically 90% of the level and get right to fighting Yang. Good luck.


Sifu Secret Paths Guide – Hidden Secrets

But these shortcuts are only half of the things kept in the margins of Sifu. Believe it or not, there are story ramifications locked away as well. Just about every single level has at least one locked door or area of interest that you can't access at first. Furthermore, it is not immediately obvious how to get these doors unlocked. Thankfully, we are here to help you.

Fajar's Locked Door

Right before you head up the ramp leading to Fajar's boss arena, there is a locked door in the previous room. There are no other keys that work and it just appears innocuous. Believe it or not, there is a key to this room, it'll just take you a while to get it.

The hero of Sifu walking towards a guest room
Hello, secret door.

First, play all the way to The Sanctuary level. Second, once you get past the reception area, head to the right into the guest room wing. Head upstairs, you should face an orderly that goes on about “special” guests. Once you take him out, look around the upper floors, eventually you'll find a door you can open. Inside, there is a key with a purple flower printed on it.

Take this key back to the locked door and you'll discover something new about Fajar.

Sean's Fire Box

In the stretch of flaming buildings you pass through on your way to fight Sean in The Club, you might spot a locked box tucked away in a shop corner. It just says it is locked and that it looks familiar. Well, there is a key to unlock it, but getting it is a little convoluted.

The hero of Sifu fighting someone with a staff in a mask exhibit
Sidebar, interact with the mask behind her and you'll unlock a hidden skill.

First, you'll need to get to The Museum level and get the key card to the stairs. From there, you should be able to reach the third floor through the stair well. You should find an enemy with an orange quarter staff, surrounded by mask displays as well as an easter egg for developer Sloclap's previous game, Absolver. Beat this person and she'll drop a number pad password.

Head back to The Club and get to the set of doors on the left side of the dance floor. You should spot a second pair of double doors locked by a number pad. Punch in the code and head down into the private room. Inside there should be two tough midboss enemies. Take both of them out and one should drop a red fire key. That key will unlock the box.

Kuroki's Private Office

At the highest floor of The Musuem, there is a set of double doors that remain locked. Much like Fajar's private room, there is a way in there, but it will take a while. First you have to play through The Tower level, specifically to your first encounter with Jinfeng in her office before she teleports away. Once there, interact with the computer in her office. It will say that it is password protected. Next, go back to The Club, take the shortcut on the right side and head up the stairs to talk to the DJ. If you start fighting dudes with a bunch of neon blacklight colors going on, you're in the right place.

The hero of Sifu confronting the DJ in the Club
The first time you confront him, the upper option will mention Sean. The second time you can ask about the computer

Make sure this is your second time talking to the DJ, otherwise you might need to do this a second time. You'll get a dialogue option asking him about computers. Mention that the DJ can help you take down Jinfeng's corporation and he'll perk up, handing you a USB thumb drive.

From there, return to The Tower and use the thumb drive on Jinfeng's computer. This will open a wall safe on the right side with a key to Kuroki's office inside. Head back to The Museum, use the key on the door, and you'll learn more about Kuroki's past and her creative drive.

And that should help you figure out the secret paths and interconnected secrets found within Sifu. Unlocking all of the secrets above will also lead to unlocking the following achievements: "Detective Story", "Drunken Fighter", "Martial Artists", "Knowledge Greed", and "Healing Memory"!

If you are having trouble with other elements of Sifu, check out our other guides.



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