Subnautica, the underwater survival game developed & published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, is leaving Early Access on January 23, 2018, according to a tweet from the game’s official account.

There are plenty of survival games out on the market set in all kinds of various environments, and Subnautica stands out in the crowd for being a game that’s largely set underwater. Stranded on an aquatic planet, the only way for you to go is into the depths. Get your basic needs taken care of, build a base, and explore the deepest parts of the ocean with four different submersible vehicles of varying capabilities. You can get a good overview of what the game is like by checking out the game’s trailer for its Xbox Game Preview release in mid-2016:

A special launch livestream will be taking place direct from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California. The launch event page on the game’s website has all of the important details. The Cinematic Trailer for the game will premiere during the livestream, and the developers will push “the big red button” – that is to say, they’ll launch the game live on stream. (No word on whether they will actually have a physical big red button, though it would be really cool if they did.) There will also be interviews with the game’s developers and real-life sea creatures seen during the stream. You can tune in to the launch livestream on YouTube & Twitch. If you’re unable to watch the event live, you can catch the VOD on the game’s YouTube channel after the livestream has concluded.

Subnautica originally released on Steam in December of 2014 with an Xbox One version in May 2016. If you’d like to grab it before it leaves Early Access, you can pick it up for PC & Mac via Steam for $24.99 or your regional equivalent. Xbox One gamers can grab it for $19.99 via the Microsoft StoreSubnautica will release version 1.0 and leave Early Access on January 23, 2018.

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