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Xbox One, PC
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January 23, 2018 (Calendar)
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The Alterra Corporation ship Aurora passed by the uncharted world of 4546B only to meet with disaster in Subnautica. Taking on the role of Ryley Robinson, you barely escape the Aurora and land on the ocean of the planet below. This open-world survival game (developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment) stands out from the crowd with the gimmick of taking place mostly in an underwater, alien landscape.

As with many survival games, your immediate concerns will be meeting your basic needs of food, water, and shelter. After you've secured the necessary supplies to stay alive, you'll be able to begin construction on a basic habitat, create new tools, and scan the surrounding area for valuable resources. The surrounding area is filled with derelict ships and pieces of the Aurora that can unlock new technology that will make your life just a bit easier. These techs range from simple utilitarian tools like the Beacon to more complex pieces of kit like the Prawn Exosuit which can be modified to survive in hellish conditions and equipped with a variety of tools.

There's more to Subnautica than survival. This game has a story, and your main motivation will be to find just what caused the Aurora to crash and how the heck you can manage to get yourself safely off of 4546B. There are multiple different biomes to explore, each with their own subset of alien creatures and plants. Some can be exploited for resources, some are hostile, and some are very hostile (and quite large, to boot).

Players less interested in unraveling the game's mysteries can avail themselves of the Creative Mode. Those who seek a real challenge can opt to play the game in Hardcore mode where death is very much permanent. No matter how you decide to play, it's no easy task - the world of Subnautica is filled with things that would love to chomp you to bits.