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Subnautica Multiplayer Mod Lets You Explore the Depths with Your Friends

December 21, 2018

By: Robert N. Adams

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January 23,2018 (Calendar)
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Subnautica multiplayer mod has finally been publicly released. Fans of the game were quite keen on playing this open-world survival crafting game with other people and now they can do it—although there are some strong caveats that need to be addressed.

Subnautica is a rarity in the gaming world: an open-world survival crafting game that has managed to make it out of Early Access. This wasn't a vanity or desperation release, either—the game genuinely provides a complete experience for players to enjoy. I certainly did! It wasn't the most perfect game ever made, but it certainly did its job well.


Now, the launch of a Subnautica multiplayer mod means that you can enjoy this game with your friends. Take a look at the mod's teaser trailer to see what's possible:


Named "Nitrox", the Subnautica multiplayer mod is an open-source project that is still in the early stages of development. It's come quite a ways since the above trailer but it's still not quite ready for casual players. Indeed, simply installing the mod could be a bit risky as these things usually are.

An installer for the mod is available, but development is still very much ongoing. It may be best to wait until the mod is a little more stable before trying to play it with your friends. It should be noted that you probably would want to back up your save games before attempting to make use of the Subnautica multiplayer mod, just to play it safe.


If the Subnautica multiplayer mod sounds like a challenge you want to try, simply head on over to its page on Nexus and download it for yourself. Don't forget that you can get Subnautica for free on the Epic Games Store until December 27, 2018! Otherwise, you can instead buy it on sale on Steam for 25% off or at the regular price of $24.99 on the Humble Store. Console players can pick it up for the PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation Store and for the Xbox One at the Microsoft Store at the price of $29.99.

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What do you think of the Subnautica multiplayer mod? Do you think the game would be better if you could play it with friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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