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Greetings, TechRaptor readers and fellow Magic: The Gathering fans! It’s Wednesday, August 17, and the third official day of spoiler season for Conspiracy: Take the Crown. Make sure to check out yesterday’s spoilers if you’re just joining us.

Our first spoiler for the day is from the Japanese Magic: The Gathering Twitter account; their spoiler is the Blue Sorcery spell Confiscate Riches (credit for translation goes to reddit user osieorb18); Confiscate Riches costs seven generic and two Blue mana to cast, and each player (starting with yourself) votes for either “Time” or “Money”. For every vote for “Time”, you get to take an extra turn, and for every vote for “Money”, you get control of target permanent an opponent controls. It then exiles itself to avoid people replaying it a bunch with tricks easily.


Up next is a reprint of a card last seen in Conflux and Planechase (2012) – Exotic Orchard. Courtesy of The Mana Source, Exotic Orchard is a land that can be tapped to produce mana of any color that your opponent’s lands could produce (so if your opponent only has Plains, it can only produce White mana, but if they have a Steam Vents it can produce Blue or Red mana).


Today’s Magic Story provides us with Conspiracy: Take the Crowns second Planeswalker, Daretti, whom had been rumored to appear in this set as early as last week. Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast costs one generic, one Black, and one Red mana to cast, and has a starting loyalty of three. His first ability, his +1, gives you a 1/1/ colorless Construct with the Defender mechanic. His second ability, his -1, gives you the option to sacrifice an artifact. If you do so, you can destroy another target creature or artifact. Daretti’s final ability, his -6, lets you make three copies of target artifact that is either in a graveyard or on the battlefield.


Card market TCGPlayer also shared their spoiler card in an article on one mana card draw engines; Serum Visions is a Blue Sorcery that costs one Blue mana, and lets you draw one card, and then Scry the top two cards of your deck.


Our next spoiler card is the Legendary Elf Advisor Leovold, from a Wizards of the Coast article detailing how he works and the thought process behind creating him. Leovold , Emissary of Trest is a 3/3 creature that costs one Black, one Green, and one Blue mana to cast; your opponents can’t draw more than one card per turn. Whenever you, or a permanent you control, becomes the target of an ability or spell an opponent controls, you may draw a card.


Magic: The Gathering celebrity player Luis Scott-Vargas offers his spoiler card in a Channel Fireball article; Sanctum Prelate is a 2/2 Human Cleric that costs one generic and two White mana to cast. When it enters the battlefield, you choose a number. Your opponent can’t cast non-creature spells that have a converted mana cost equal to the number you chose.


Podcast The Command Zone shares their spoiler card on their podcast website, as well as on YouTube; their spoiler is a reprint of Burgeoning, which was last seen in Stronghold. Burgeoning is a Green Enchantment that costs a single Green mana to cast. Whenever an opponent plays a land, you can put a land from your hand onto the battlefield.


Tolarian Community College shares a very interesting Equipment card on their channel; Spy Kit is an artifact that costs two generic mana, has an equip cost of two generic mana, and gives the creature it’s equipped to a +1/+1 boost. However, that creature also has the names of all non-legendary creature cards in addition to its own name


Our next card is a reprint of Wild Pair from Planar Chaos, courtesy of Japanese website; Wild Pair is a Green Enchantment that costs four generic and two Green mana to cast. Whenever you cast a creature from your hand to the battlefield, you can search your deck for a creature that has the exact same power and toughness and put it onto the battlefield, shuffling your deck afterwards.


Blake Rasmussen, Editor-in-Chief of, shares another reprint on his Twitter account, this time of Gatecrash‘s Duskmantle Seer. Duskmantle Seer is a 4/4 Vampire Seer which costs two generic, one Blue, and one Black mana to cast. It has the Flying mechanic, and on the beginning of your upkeep every player reveals the top card of their library, and loses life equal to that card’s converted mana cost. They then put that card in their hand. Another writer for, Bruce Richard, shares a new Conspiracy card on his Twitter account. The Conspiracy Weight Advantage has creatures you control deal combat damage based on their toughness, not on their power.

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Wizards Play Network, which spoiled Arcane Savant on Monday, shares another card on their app. Entourage of Trest is a 4/4 Elf Soldier which costs four generic and one Green mana to cast. When it enters the battlefield, you become the monarch, and as long as you’re the monarch Entourage of Trest can block an additional creature each combat.


Our final spoiler for the day comes to us from the European Magic: The Gathering Twitter account; their spoiler is the Human Rogue Mutant Keeper of Keys. This creature 4/4 costs three generic and two Blue mana to cast, and when it enters the battlefield you become the monarch. At the beginning of your upkeep, if you’re the monarch, then creatures you control can’t be blocked during combat this turn.


Stay tuned to TechRaptor for further news on Conspiracy: Take the Crown, and all things Magic: The Gathering.

What are your thoughts on today’s spoilers? Let us know in the comment section below.

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