Ubisoft has unveiled the fifth major content season for its medieval brawler title For Honor. Season 5 will be called ‘Age of Wolves’, adding a plethora of new features, balance changes, and other improvements. Perhaps most importantly, Season 5 will also coincide with the highly anticipated rollout of the dedicated servers upgrade.

The Age of Wolves content season was announced via Ubisoft’s blog along with an accompanying preview video which you can watch below. The main highlights of the Age of Wolves content season will include major gameplay revamps for existing playable champions like the Kensai, Berserker, Nobushi, Conqueror, and Highlander (with more champions to follow in future seasons), a new gear refinement system that allows players to give their favorite weapons and armor pieces a bit of a stat boost, the ability to purchase XP boosts with Salvage, and tweaks to the Faction War system that make it more rewarding to participate in.

Perhaps the two biggest features included in the Age of Wolves season are dedicated servers and a new training experience called Apprentice/Warrior Trials. Once implemented, the dedicated servers will allow for more stable and smooth online matches which won’t penalize players for having certain NAT types, and players will also be able to find online matches more easily. As for the Apprentice/Warrior Trials, they will take the form of new PvE narrative experiences which will allow players to practice both basic and advanced techniques for specific champions. There will also be a new 1v1 Arena practice mode where players can test their skills against specific champions and/or move-sets, or take on the ultimate test by challenging other players directly.

According to Ubisoft, the Age of Wolves content season will go live on February 15, but the dedicated servers and Apprentice/Warrior Trials won’t be ready right as the season begins. If all goes well, both features will be implemented a little while after the season begins, so fans should stay tuned for more information in the near future.

Are you still playing For Honor? Does the new Age of Wolves content season have you excited? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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