For Honor Year 4 Season 2 Delayed Due To Coronavirus

04/10/2020 - 11:18 | By: Joseph Allen
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Gaming industry delays courtesy of the coronavirus continue. The latest casualty is Ubisoft's melee arena battler For Honor. The game's Year 4 Season 2 launch has been pushed back to June in order to accommodate delays caused by the virus.

In a Steam update, Ubisoft says the For Honor team is "still hard at work" keeping the game fully operational despite working from home. However, even as the devs adapt to the new situation, the coronavirus has slowed down its ability to work on and test new content. As a result, Ubisoft says it's pushing back the launch of Year 4 Season 2 to June 11th this year. This delay will give the team time to "adapt our testing pipelines" to the new situation. Ubisoft says it's aware this will cause disappointment, but that it's certain this was the right decision to take.

As a result of the delay, Ubisoft is looking to introduce new features to For Honor to compensate. According to the Steam update, Ubisoft will bring in "fan-favorite activities" by way of recompense. We don't yet know exactly what these fan-favorite activities are, but the team says they'll be available within the game in May and that it'll share more information about them in the upcoming May roadmap.

This is just the latest in a long line of coronavirus-related industry shakeups. Most recently, the coronavirus has caused the Amazon-funded MMO New World to be delayed to August and Nintendo Switch shipments to Japan to be suspended. It's not all bad news, though. As a result of the coronavirus, the UK government has teamed up with that country's gaming industry to battle the pandemic. Read all about ongoing issues with the coronavirus in gaming in our ongoing article on the topic.

Are you disappointed that For Honor's Year 4 Season 2 content has been delayed? Let us know in the comments below!

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