DOOM was a great game and easily one of my favorites of last year. The campaign was a killer reboot of everything that made the original such a classic, and it easily overshadowed the rest of the package. Besides the single player experience, the game has a full multiplayer suite and an online enabled Mario Maker-esque map creator. The game’s DLC focused on the deathmatch portion of the game, with three packs that included new Demons to transform into, new weapons, horrible dances for your Doomguy to pull off, and a lot more.

These packs (Unto the Evil, Hell Followed, and Bloodfall) and the game’s Season Pass have seemingly been wiped from digital storefronts with no advance notice. First spotted by the DOOM faithful over on Reddit, you are now unable to acquire any of the game’s DLC on Steam, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. Several users have already reached out to Bethesda support, sharing some unconfirmed information that there is an unspecified technical issue that is causing an interruption in service that could be fixed by the end of the coming week.

The game does have a small but dedicated multiplayer community, and I was able to hop into a full game on Xbox One today without much trouble. The game’s menus still advertise the DLC as being available, and the content is still shown locked away on the game’s customization menus, which would fit with it being a temporary technical issue.

TechRaptor has reached out to Bethesda to inquire as to why the game’s DLC was taken down and what their future plans are regarding DOOM.

Quick Take

DOOM’s basic deathmatch suite was never going to take on the Overwatchs of the world, but it’s a solid game with some unique twists on multiplayer staples. In addition, spitting fireballs as classic demons from the series is a fun novelty in the same vein as Bioshock 2‘s forgotten multiplayer component. Considering the modes low daily player count, let’s hope that the content is being made available to all as Bethesda turns its focus to Wolfenstein and Quake Champions.

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