Developer Phoenix Labs have announced that a closed alpha test of their online RPG Dauntless is coming soon, and signups are now officially open to the public!

So what’s DauntlessDauntless is an upcoming free to play PC-exclusive co-op action RPG. In this game, you and a team of your friends (or enemies. Whatever works for you) go out to fight magical creatures called Behemoths in a beautifully stylized world. The game has everything you expect to be in an RPG, from crafting to leveling up your character and gear. Here’s a trailer that got released during PAX East:

So now that we’ve explained what Dauntless is, it’s time to move on to how you can play it before its release later this year:

At Phoenix Labs, we believe in offering Dauntless as a service for players to enjoy for years to come. Much like the floating islands of the Shattered Isles, Dauntless will shift, grow, and evolve over time. We will be rolling out our closed, invite-only Alpha tests over the coming months to help us deliver the best experience possible to players later this year. As a prospective slayer, this is your chance to play Dauntless early and contribute to its development. We can’t wait to jump into the thick of battle and take down behemoths with you!

You can sign yourself up for the closed alpha by filling out the form on this page. Along with your contact details, the form asks you for some additional info about your gaming habits, like which games are your favorite and on which days you’ll be able to play the closed alpha. You will also need to provide a Dxdiag log with your signup and if you are chosen will need to sign an NDA.

Are you planning on signing up for the Deantless closed alpha? What are your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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