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dark souls forgotten paths 1

Dark Souls The Card Game: Forgotten Paths Review – Shuffle In More Ways To Die

October 17, 2018 by Adam Potts

Back in February we reviewed Dark Souls The Card Game, and we scored it 9.5/10. It’s one of our favorite releases of the year. The scope for expansion from the…

wfrp 001

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition Review

October 9, 2018 by Adam Potts

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) is the roleplaying version of Games Workshop’s popular Warhammer Fantasy Battles wargame. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition was published in 1986 by Games Workshop themselves and was…

x wing 1

Star Wars X-Wing Minatures Game 2nd Edition Core Set Review – A Perfect Time to Join the Rebellion

September 26, 2018 by Adam Potts

Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) first released the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game in 2012 and quickly captured the market for tabletop skirmish games. Star Wars fans picked it up because…

bushido ryu and yurei 1

Bushido – Prefecture of Ryu and Cult of Yurei Starter Pack Review

August 30, 2018 by Adam Potts

We started our journey into the Bushido skirmish game by GCT Studios in June, when we reviewed the core rules, along with the Tengu Descension and the Ito Clan starter…

aristeia smoke and mirrors 1

Aristeia Smoke and Mirrors Expansion Review – Burning and Smoke in the HexaDome

August 21, 2018 by Adam Potts

Smoke and Mirrors is an expansion pack for Corvus Belli’s Aristeia game. It requires the core set to play, which you can read our review of here. Smoke and Mirrors…

my little scythe header

My Little Scythe Review – The Best Welcome

August 14, 2018 by Travis Williams

I love board games. I love big complex games. I love games with mature and difficult themes. I love games that play quickly, and I love games that take dozens…

aristeia 1

Aristeia Core Set Review – Battle Royale in the World of Infinity

August 7, 2018 by Adam Potts

Aristeia is a competitive MOBA style board game set in Corvus Belli’s Infinity universe. Aristeia is an armed combat sport within the world of Infinity, where technology has moved to…

destiny way of the force unboxing 1

Star Wars Destiny – Way of the Force – Unboxing and Deck Construction

August 1, 2018 by Adam Potts

Way of the Force is the latest expansion for Star Wars Destiny in the Legacy cycle. We’ve so far taken an introductory look at the current cycle’s starter packs and…

boss monster 1

Video to Tabletop: Part 3 Card Game – Boss Monster

July 30, 2018 by Adam Potts

Welcome to the third part of this series of articles here at TechRaptor where we look into the development process of making a video game into a tabletop game. The…

swdestiny legacies 1

Star Wars Destiny – A Legacies Introduction and Booster Opening

July 7, 2018 by Adam Potts

Star Wars Destiny is a collectible card game from Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) that uniquely blends a dice and card game into a great, fast paced competitive game. Star Wars…

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