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Scythe: The Rise of Fenris Review – Superb

December 11, 2018 by Travis Williams

Scythe is one of my favorite games ever; so much so that I feel like I criminally underrated the game when I originally reviewed it and only gave it a…

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Judge Dredd Block War Review – Fight The Card Based Law

December 5, 2018 by Adam Potts

Judge Dredd Block War is a card game by Game and Curry Games, based on a specific story arc, Block War from the comic Judge Dredd of 2000 AD. Judge…

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Axis & Allies & Zombies Review – If You’re Going Through Hell, Stay a While

December 4, 2018 by Travis Williams

Axis & Allies & Zombies took me completely by surprise. I love this game. The addition of zombies (an admittedly overused pop-culture trope) to a long-in-the-tooth dudes-on-a-map wargame (Axis & Allies…

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Mountains of Madness Review – Where Lovecraftian Madness Reigns

December 3, 2018 by Adam Potts

Mountains of Madness, a game by Iello, is based on the H.P Lovecraft novel At The Mountains of Madness. There have been many games based on Lovecraft’s work, but Mountains…

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Start Collecting A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game – Starter Set Previews

December 1, 2018 by Adam Potts

A Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game (ASoIaF TMG) is a wargame by CMON, based on the hugely popular books of the same name and TV Show, Game…

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On The Tabletop – Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress

November 28, 2018 by Adam Potts

Following on from our Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress Preview, we took it to the tabletop with three other experienced tabletop gamers from different genres. On The Tabletop articles will follow…

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Start Collecting The Walking Dead All Out War Starter Sets Review

November 20, 2018 by Adam Potts

The Walking Dead All Out War Miniatures Game is a wargame by Mantic Games based on The Walking Dead comics. It was first released in 2016 and is currently on…

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Shadowrun Crossfire Prime Runner Edition Review – Deck Building in the Sixth World

November 13, 2018 by Adam Potts

Shadowrun Crossfire is a deck building game based on the popular roleplaying game, Shadowrun, first published in 1989. For those unfamiliar with Shadowrun, it’s a futuristic setting with a high…

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V-Commandos Review – Problem Solving Gets Stealthy

November 8, 2018 by Adam Potts

V-Commandos is a stealth action board game from Triton Noir. It was a successful Kickstarter at the end of 2014 and received great reviews and it has since had two…

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Photosynthesis – Classic Tabletop Review

November 6, 2018 by Adam Potts

You could be fooled by looking at the Photosynthesis components. They make you believe you are getting into a lighthearted game about the life cycle of a forest. The cute…

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