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Latest Console Gaming News

Animal Crossing datamine Brewster cover card

Animal Crossing Datamine Shows Brewster May Still Be Coming

A recent Animal Crossing datamine indicates that Brewster's café may still be coming to the game as a second Museum upgrade.
Halo Infinite esports PC console keyboard and mouse controller cover

Halo Infinite Esports Will Be Cross-Platform and Cross-Input

Halo Infinite esports will be cross-platform and will allow pros to choose between using a controller or keyboard & mouse.
Horizon Forbidden West release date delayed 2022 cover

Reportedly Horizon Forbidden West Release Date Delayed to 2022

The Horizon Forbidden West release date has likely been delayed to 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 according to multiple sources.
Super Mario Kart Prototype Nintendo Gigaleak MrL314 cover

Super Mario Kart Prototype Rebuilt from Gigaleak Files

A programmer has rebuilt a November 1991 Super Mario Kart prototype by using files discovered in last year's Nintendo Gigaleak.

Console Gaming Features

Save Titanfall Interview NoSkill Community TF Remnant Fleet cover

The Story Behind the People Trying to Save Titanfall

We interviewed the people behind the "Save Titanfall" project, a group that aims to raise awareness about DDOS attacks and hackers in the Titanfall games.
Going far... plane.

Death and the Moogle: Dying in Final Fantasy X

Death is common in most games and it takes a front seat in the Final Fantasy series. However, Final Fantasy X took it a different direction and made it more complex. With the anniversary this year, we thought we would examine the mechanics of death in Spira.
Acrylicos Vallejo Infinity Paint Sets

Acrylicos Vallejo Infinity Paint Sets Showcase

We take a look at the official paint sets for the Infinity tabletop wargame in our Acrylicos Vallejo Infinity Paint Sets showcase.
RE Infinite Darkness Preview Image

Claire Couldn't Have Been Sidelined Harder In Resident Evil Infinite Darkness If They Tried

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness released on Netflix, and while being a show with Leon and Claire headlining, Claire gets none of the action.

Latest Console Gaming Reviews

Lost At Sea Opening

Lost At Sea Review

Studio Fizbin's first foray into the first-person narrative adventure sub-genre is their most uncreative work thus far.
Chernobylite Review Header

Chernobylite Review

Chernobylite is nearly impossible to put in a specific genre and it feels generally unpolished, but the sheer amount of fun and excitement that it provides makes the game more than worth playing.
Three indents staring at the tower of The Ascent Group

The Ascent Review

While Neon Giant's cyberpunk action RPG The Ascent has a few undercooked issues, it's an imaginative take on cyberpunk sci-fi that sticks in the mind.
Portal power!

Unbound: Worlds Apart Review

Thinking with portals has gotten to a level beyond using them to jump to different worlds. This time, it's using them to have the properties of other worlds affect your world in Unbound: Worlds Apart.