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Colors Live Kickstarter cover

Colors Live Kickstarter Lets You Make Art on your Switch

More than a decade ago, a game designer and programmer named Jens Andersson made this neat little game for the DS called Colors! that let
PS5 Design patent cover

Dev Kit Patents Reveals New PlayStation 5 Info

After months of secrecy and speculation, new information on the PlayStation 5 may have just been revealed thanks to a new patent filing.
ea access

Update: EA Games Return To Steam With Some Notable Exceptions

Update: Since publishing the original story EA has released an official statement on these games returning to Steam and the abilit
Clockwork Aquario

Canceled Arcade Game Being Released After 27 Years

Strictly Limited Games and ININ Games have announced that the game Clockwork Aquario will be re-released this year after being lost for 27
Some of the games in the Namco Museum Archives collection

Microsoft Store Leaks Namco Museum Archives Vol. 1 And 2

Listings for Namco Museum Archives Vol. 1 and Namco Museum Archives Vol. 2 have appeared on the Microsoft Store.
banner of the maid

Banner of the Maid Coming to Consoles Later this Year

Developer and publisher of the alternate history tactical RPG Banner of the Maid, Azure Flame Studio, revealed Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xb
GTA 4 Social Club problems cover

GTA 4 Social Club Problems Fixed with New PC Patch

Players have been plagued by GTA 4 Social Club problems in recent days, but it looks like Rockstar Games has finally got a handle on the p
Project CARS 3 reveal cover

Project CARS 3 Officially Revealed and Arriving This Summer

There are racing games and then there are racing games, and Project CARS is firmly in the latter category.
The Academy: The First Riddle cover.jpg

Magical Mysteries Come to The Academy: The First Riddle This Month

If you're a fan of Harry Potter or Professor Layton, then Pine Studio might have cooked up something you'll love. The Academy
elite dangerous

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Major Expansion Revealed; Coming Early 2021

Developer and publisher Frontier Development's ambitious space simulation title, Elite Dangerous, features a realistic 1:1 scale represent
New Gwent Expansion Master Mirror cover

New GWENT Expansion 'Master Mirror' Debuts June 2020

The new GWENT expansion Master Mirror has finally been revealed
PHOGS! release date delay cover

PHOGS! Release Date Delay Pushes Back Launch to Later This Year

If you're looking to play a cute game about adorable puppers, prepare to be disappointed: Bit Loom Games and Coatsink have announced a 

Konami Returns to Third Party Publishing on Consoles and PC

Konami is a publisher that wasn't really publishing video games anymore... until now, at least.
The logo for Swedish studio Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive To Sign CBA With Swedish Labor Unions

Paradox Interactive has announced that it is to
Frostpunk--On The Edge

Frostpunk Reveals On The Edge, It's Final Expansion

11 bit studios has announced Frostpunk: On The Edge, the last expansion for the "grim society survival sim".
Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire IGN Summer of Gaming delayed cover

Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire and IGN Summer of Gaming Delayed

The upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire stream and IGN Summer of Gaming event
Killzone Mercenary servers cover

No, the Killzone Mercenary Servers Weren't Shut Down

Over the weekend, a very old game hit a bit of a hiccup: the Killzone Mercenary servers went down, seemingly without rhyme or reason.
The Avengers FPS cover

Footage of THQ's Canceled 'The Avengers' FPS Revealed

Believe it or not, there was a The Avengers FPS that was created nearly a decade ago.
Humble Bundle black developers fund cover

Humble Bundle Commits $1 Million to Publishing Games by Black Developers

A Humble Bundle black developers fund has been announced by the digital game retailer and
playstation store

Sony Fixes Chinese PlayStation Store Back Door Exploit

There have always been exploits and backdoors to Sony's PlayStation Store, often by changing your primary region for access to special offers or Pl
Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield's Expansion's Pass Part 1 Release Date Revealed

The Pokemon Company International and Nintendo have announced the release date for the first part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pas
Call of Duty won't be getting new season content anytime soon

Latest Call Of Duty Seasons Postponed To "Later Dates"

The latest content drop seasons for all currently-running Call of Duty games have been postponed due to current events.
Do Not Feed The Monkeys release cover

Do Not Feed the Monkeys Release Delayed For Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Do Not Feed the Monkeys release has been unexpectedly delayed at the last minute, and I truly mean "last minute" — the
Falllout 76 refunds cover

Fallout 76 'Amounts to a Major Failure', Austrailian government says

Fallout 76 refunds are being issued in Australia by EB Games after a controversial la
The Last of Us 2 accessibility features cover

The Last of Us 2 Will Feature Dozens of Accessibility Options

There will be "around 60" The Last of Us 2 accessibility features according t
The Last of Us Part 2, PlayStation

Last Week in Gaming - June 1, 2020 Edition

Sony had quite a few updates last week, including an announcement for an event about the PS5.
The Future of Gaming PS5 event postponed cover

'The Future of Gaming' PS5 Event Postponed

Recent events will see "The Future of Gaming" PS5 event postponed according to a recently-released tweet from the company's official Twitter accoun
Lost Days of Thunder game cover

Lost Days of Thunder Game Reconstructed by Historians

A lost Days of Thunder game has been painstakingly recreated by the Video Game History Foundation, restoring a never-before-seen piece of
GTA 4 Error Code 1001 cover

Rockstar Social Club Error Stops PC Gamers From Playing GTA 4

GTA 4 Error Code 1001 is a mysterious new occurrence that has been popping up when some PC gamers are trying to enjoy Grand Theft Auto