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CastleStorm 2 release date delayed Fall 2020 cover

CastleStorm 2 Release Date Delayed to Fall 2020

Bad news for fans of tower defense games: the Castle Storm 2 release date has been pushed back to Fall 2020. If you're not yet familiar with CastleStorm 2, check out the Release Date Trailer to get…

July 24, 2020 | 01:49 EDT

CastlleStorm 2 trailer vampire lady using blood absorption

CastleStorm 2 Trailer Shows New Release Date

Goes to show that you don't need to deliver Monty Python references all that well in order to sell a sequel. CastleStorm 2's trailer shows off a hoard of new characters and factions, and multiple new…

June 13, 2020 | 10:20 EDT

CastleStorm 2 Key Art
Game Page

CastleStorm 2

Command and Clobber your foes with the return of the CastleStorm series. CastleStorm II continues the chaotic blend of turn-based strategy and tower-defense action. Storm the gates of your enemies…

September 5, 2020 | 12:37 EDT

CastleStorm 2 Key Art

The Chaotic Fun of CastleStorm 2

Developer Zen Studios is probably best known for its contributions to virtual Pinball, but the team has a decent catalog of titles across multiple systems. One is CastleStorm, a weird mix of turn-…

May 20, 2020 | 12:00 EDT

KickBeat Special Edition Key Art

KickBeat Special Edition Review

KickBeat has appeared on almost all consoles, and finally, this month, it arrived for the Playstation 4, the WiiU, and the Xbox One as KickBeat Special Edition. KickBeat is a music/fighting game…

October 10, 2014 | 01:00 EDT