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Zen Studios
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July 20, 2020 (Calendar)
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Command and Clobber your foes with the return of the CastleStorm series. CastleStorm II continues the chaotic blend of turn-based strategy and tower-defense action. Storm the gates of your enemies with an arsenal of troops, spells and siege weapons to gain the advantage on the battlefield. Control individual soldiers, level up your generals, and uncover secrets across randomly-generated maps all to defeat your foes in battle.

Do you lead the humans to victory, or help the undead rise to power? With two major campaigns featuring the new undead faction, and the return of online PvP and co-op play, CastleStorm II looks to be the madcap fun you would expect in this colorful fantasy world, one siege at a time. 


Developer Quote

● Bigger Genre-Blending: CastleStorm made a name for itself with a tantalizing mix of
ballista-based destruction, tower defense, and in-your-face beat-em-up combat. It all returns,
and is better in every way.

○ Destroy Even More! Projecting ballistic weapons to destroy an opposing force’s castle
defined much of the core gameplay of the first CastleStorm. This mechanic returns with a
visceral fierceness and sense of crushing weight that surpasses the original.

○ Control Every Soldier: Once again, players can hack and slash their way through a battle
using hero units – like the noble knight Sir Gavin, the wise sorceress Lady Meredith, and the
not-quite-evil vampire Luna – for a direct impact on a battle’s progress. But for those times
when a personal touch can mean the difference between victory and defeat, players can
now control individual soldiers as well.

● New Metagame of Strategic Conquest: Inspired by the ‘4X’ subgenre most popular in 1990s PC
gaming – yet designed for accessibility for the modern gamer – CastleStorm II encourages
players to explore the map, expand their territory, exploit the resources they control, and
exterminate their rivals (or at least to rough ‘em up pretty good).

○ Liberate the Kingdom – or Destroy It: The Undead threat is quickly overtaking land once
held by the Kingdom. Meanwhile, each unique faction has its own idea of what’s best for the
land. Only through total domination of the map by one faction can the Kingdom once more
restore peace (or rest in peace, should the Undead prevail...).

○ Procedurally Generated Maps: No two campaigns are ever the same, as a map’s terrain and
layout changes with each new game. Fields, forests, mountains and more await.

○ Find Secrets and Side Quests: Each map is replete with unique side encounters where your
decisions may result in comradery, coin or carnage – or maybe a little of each!