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Traverse the terrible dungeons of Blightbound, a co-op RPG from indie developer Ronimo Games.Blightbound is a multiplayer dungeon crawler that tasks three heroes to venture down from their mountain…

October 9, 2020 | 03:41 EDT


Blightbound is Coming to Steam's Early Access on July 29

Blightbound, the co-operative dungeon crawler from developer Ronimo Games and publisher Devolver Digital, will be coming to Steam's Early Access on July 29. */ On the main website there is an…

July 10, 2020 | 09:49 EDT


Stylish ARPG Blightbound Coming to Early Access This Year

At the PC Gaming Show, Blightbound received a trailer showing off its stylish action RPG gameplay. Developed by the team that made Awesomenauts, Blightbound will be coming to Steam early access…

June 13, 2020 | 03:51 EDT

Blindbound screenshot.

Co-Op Dungeon Crawler Blightbound Announced For Steam Early Access

Devolver Digital has announced Blightbound, which is a cooperative sidescrolling dungeon crawler from Awesomenauts developer Ronimo Games. */ In Blightbound, players will encounter a world that is…

May 14, 2020 | 10:32 EDT