Stylish ARPG Blightbound Coming to Early Access This Year

Published: June 13, 2020 3:51 PM /



At the PC Gaming Show, Blightbound received a trailer showing off its stylish action RPG gameplay. Developed by the team that made Awesomenauts, Blightbound will be coming to Steam early access sometime this summer.

Decades before Blightbound is set, some legendary heroes saved the world by defeating the Shadow Titan. However, what they thought would save the world instead doomed it, as the Blight spewed forth from the Shadow Titan's body. The Blight is a corrupting fog that turns creatures who are exposed to it into evil beings and monsters.

Blightbound is an action RPG with a cooperative focus that sees you crawling through dungeons in three distinct worlds. The three different hero types at your disposal—the classic trio of assassin, warrior, and mage—work together to fight back the Blight.

The heroes work together with synergizing abilities that can be used to devastating affects. There aren't simply just three heroes, either, but over 20 of them altogether, each falling in that classic archetype. Their varying skillsets will offer up many different playstyles.

Being a dungeon crawler, there will of course be a ton of loot to collect as well. Beyond just loot found on your adventure, you'll run across artisans that can craft more items, give your heroes some training, and will even have some bounties of their own.

With a big focus on the cooperative play, Blightbound will feature both local and online co-op. In the world of 2020, having the online option is definitely appreciated.

What do you think of Blightbound? Will you be getting it when it comes to early access or will you wait to see what people have to say? Let us know in the comments below!

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