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overwatch 2 zen

Overwatch 2: How It Can Succeed (And Fail)

Overwatch 2 just made its official debut at BlizzCon 2019, making a grand appearance with yet another excellent animated short. Based on what can be told so far, it's essentially a PvE expansion to…

November 5, 2019 | 11:00 EST

World of Warcraft Small World Board Game Game Board

World of Warcraft Small World Board Game Arrives Spring 2020

A World of Warcraft Small World board game is reportedly in development. This announcement seems to have mostly flown under the radar, and that probably has a lot to do with the subtle presentation…

November 5, 2019 | 11:11 EST

Diablo Immortal Details

New Diablo Immortal Details Released At Blizzcon

Some new Diablo Immortal details have been released at Blizzcon 2019. With the recent announcement of Diablo IV, players might have forgotten about its mobile cousin. Well, the developers have come…

November 4, 2019 | 11:30 EST

Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Logo

Blizzard Announces New Expansion, Auto-Battler Mode for Hearthstone

At BlizzCon 2019 today, Blizzard made two major Hearthstone announcements. First, the company unveiled the card game's next expansion, Descent of Dragons. Second, Hearthstone is getting an auto-…

November 1, 2019 | 07:50 EDT

Overwatch 2

Blizzard Announces Overwatch 2, Includes "Shared Multiplayer Environment"

At BlizzCon 2019, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan took to the stage to officially announce the development of Overwatch 2.  The announcement came along with a new cinematic trailer that picked…

November 1, 2019 | 03:44 EDT

Silvanas breaks everything

Blizzard Announces World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Expansion

At BlizzCon 2019, World of Warcraft Game Director Ion Hazzikostas took to the stage to announce the game's next expansion: Shadowlands.  The announcement came via a cinematic…

November 1, 2019 | 03:02 EDT

J Allen Brack

Blizzard Opens BlizzCon 2019 With Apology

BlizzCon opened on a more restrained note than usual this year. Rather than opening with a sizzle-real of teasers or epic announcements, Blizzard President J. Allen Brack appeared onstage to deliver…

November 1, 2019 | 02:14 EDT

Blizzcon Protests 2019 Winnie The Pooh Mei Truck Hong Kong Flag

Blizzcon Protests Supporting Hong Kong Are Underway

The Blizzcon protests that were promised by irate fans appear to be underway. Several people are reporting Hong Kong flags flying, t-shirts featuring the Overwatch character Mei and pro-Hong Kong…

November 1, 2019 | 02:26 EDT

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Announced at Blizzcon

One of the worst kept secrets over the past week is that Blizzard was going to announce Diablo 4 at BlizzCon, and after an apology from President J. Allen Brack about the Blitzchung incident, Diablo…

November 1, 2019 | 02:21 EDT