2019 TechRaptor Awards

2019 TechRaptor Awards

2019 techraptor awards game of the year

2019 was a fantastic year to end the decade and the final full year of this generation of games. It contained some of the most unique gaming experiences, well, ever, and saw many games reduce their

2019 techraptor awards indie game of the year

This is our favorite award every year as it highlights some of the most creative games of the last year. Small teams, and sometimes just one person, with a singular vision carried out to awesome

2019 techraptor awards best evolving game

We added this category last year as it is clear that more and more games, including those outside of the AAA sphere, have much longer lifespans than they used to. That is, of course, due to the

2019 techraptor awards best expansion dlc

The idea of new content being released for an existing game is not a new one by any means. With so many games, even indie hits, seeing support long after launch, we think its worth highlighting the

2019 techraptor awards best soundtrack

The importance and impact the music of a game has is often forgot by people. There are definitely songs that stick with folks, but, with some rare exceptions, the soundtrack to a particular game is

2019 techraptor awards best visual design

We've reached a point in gaming where pretty much every game that is released looks good. Whether or not it's a cohesive visual design is another thing. Reaching some sort of photorealism, which is

2019 techraptor awards best writing

Every year, it seems as though writing in games just continues to get better and better. Not all games need some robust narrative, but there are plenty of ways to design a game to feature one. That

2019 techraptor awards best multiplayer

Interactivity is definitely the biggest thing that sets gaming apart from other entertainment media. In addition to that, however, is much of gaming's multiplayer aspect. That truly shared experience

2019 techraptor awards nominees

We recently ranked the past decade's 100 best games, and now it is time to look at specifically 2019. 2019 is one of the more odd years recently, as there are no clear and obvious winners that will