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The Tombtakers, Cree, and Obann grouped together outside of their boxes

I really enjoy getting a chance to look at some of the heroes of Critical Role Wizkids miniatures in physical form, but there's something so satisfying about getting my hands on the villains. So often these villains are ones you've grown to hate over the course of a campaign. For Campaign 2 - while short-lived - it was the Tombtakers that many might want to get hands on the most, to throw them into a game, and let their own players lay the smackdown.

We've taken a look at plenty of other incredible releases from WizKids, including their unpainted Critical Role miniatures, a smattering of Vox Machina monsters, their incredible Warlock Dungeon Tiles, and the ever-so-spooky Van Richten's Guide miniature set. The Tombtakers WizKids minis are made up of the five remaining members when we see the party get back together after the resurrection of Lucien. The minis included are for Lucien, Cree, Otis, Zoran, and Tyffial.

A close up of the Critical Role Wizkids Tombtakers minis

The Lucian in the Critical Role: The Tombtakers Boxed Set has a more basic look when compared to the flamboyant Mollymauk in the Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Boxed Set. He, along with the rest of his party, are decked out in muted travel clothes, Lucian wearing a deep purple robe emanating power.

Zoran the Goliath Bloodhunter and Tyffial the Elven Bloodhunter are both standouts within this box set both with weapons up ready to take action. With his arms spread out, mace ready, and a leering face Zoran will easily be a dominating force on your table. Similarly, Tyffial is standing ready with her sword out and shield up protecting her body.

The bloodhunter look unites Lucian, Zoran, and Tyffial with each showing signs of willful blood draws. On the faces of Zoran and Tyffial the red across their face or arms looks like warpaint while Lucien's blood is pooling from his palms. Strangely Otis, another Blood Hunter, has no easy-to-spot red marks but perhaps the small scale made this one harder.

For a character that is now in their fourth reincarnation, the bloody palms of Lucien are a not-so-subtle Jesus metaphor, but if Jesus was all about conquering reality.

Cree Vessel of the Pattern from WizKids Critical Role Collection

Cree, the tabaxi Blood Domain cleric and traitor to the Mighty Nein, stands ready with some kind of sanguine charge in her hand almost looking like fire ready to throw. The deep purple ropes help define her form where her dark brown/black fur makes it somewhat difficult to identify the rest of her features from a distance.

From when Cree fell and Lucien transformed her into a fleshy abomination WizKids has also released the Cree, Vessel of the Pattern, miniature. This creature is a writhing mass of bone, with strained muscles, and deep red eyes. Any angle a PC might be interested in taking on this creature is met with difficulty; hook-like bones erupting from its back, formidable claws attached to powerful arms, and abdominal tendrils that offer additional slashing reach or a way to keep an eye on a separated party.

It might be nitpicking but with such a focus on the progression of eyes on character's bodies in Critical Role Campaign 2 and the discovery of the five red eyes on Cree for the miniature to have seven red eyes (not including its hollow eye sockets) is a bit strange. I could see five being accurate, or nine for the influence of the Nonagon, but seven seems a strange place to settle.

Obann next to his un-transformed self in the Wizkids Critical Role set

Cree isn't the only situation where Matt Mercer has had a pawn to a greater evil be punished and turned into a giant eldritch beast. With Obann's failure at the hands of the Mighty Nein the Chained Oblivion transforms Obann into Obann, The Punished.

This miniature (what do you call them at this size?) is another pile of strained muscle and other features such as teeth and eyes shaping a monstrous form with massive hollow wings. When you're done being mesmerized by the different mouths and other stretched features around this mini you'll notice the glossy sheen to it.

Unlike the standard minis, and even with Cree, Vessel of the Pattern, that have a standard finish there's a glossy/reflective nature about Obann, The Punished. It looks great sitting under a table, especially paired with thematic lighting, the downside is that it does have an oily feel.

It almost feels unfair to have Cree's major moment of transformation and horror so quickly overshadowed by the release of Obann, The Punished in such close proximity. No matter what way you look at it though if you're a fan of The Mighty Nein and their enemies the collection is coming closer to completion.

All of the Minis standing far apart in the Critical Role WizKids collection

What Are Our Final Thoughts on Critical Role Wizkids Miniatures: The Tombtakers Boxed Set, Cree Vessel of the Pattern, and Obann The Punished?

Once again Wizkids has done an incredible job crafting miniatures that pull characters and creatures from Critical Role out of Matthew Mercer's mind and onto your table.

The Tombtakers themselves are an important addition to the ongoing story of Lucien/Mollymauk/Kingsley but also do a lot to show off the diverse nature of D&D parties. These characters themselves could be their own PC-led party and no one would bat an eye.

Cree, Vessel of the Pattern, and Obann, The Punished, are absolute showstoppers. While the oily texture on Obann is a bit strange to handle it almost lends itself better to the eldritch nature of the whole thing.

Should I Buy WizKids Critical Role: The Tombtakers Boxed Set, Cree Vessel of the Pattern, and Obann The Punished?

There are two reasons that you should be looking to pick these miniatures up. The first of all is simply you're a Critical Role fan and want to have them in some kind of collectors fashion or to set up your own battle scenes.

Alternatively, an Exandrian-led campaign crossing with the Tombtakers is an excellent way to provide your players with a tangent to the larger Critical Role story without the need to actually include a member of the main cast. A benefit of the diverse nature of this cast also means that they can be placed almost anywhere in a campaign or even in place of your own players.

The two monstrosities might be harder to find a place for at your table, but any chance you'll get to throw down an eldritch beast these will be the ones you want to put at your table. Definitely a showstopper that will be used once in a blue moon, but as always you can create a one-shot for them to be a big punchline at the end.

The copy of WizKids Critical Role: The Tombtakers Boxed Set, Cree Vessel of the Pattern, and Obann The Punished used to produce this preview was provided by WizKids to the author, all photos were taken during the process of the review.

Review Summary

WizKids again crafts a diverse and horrific collection of Critical Role themed miniatures. The accurate yet versatile nature of the Tombtakers makes them fit into any table while the imposing eldritch nightmares Cree and Obann will fuel D&D table encounter stories for months. (Review Policy)


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