Wizkids Critical Role Bells Hells Miniatures Review

With Bells Hells reaching their 1 year mark as part of Critical Role Campaign 3 Wizkids have released a set for Criters to take home. These might be some of the most intricate minis Wizkids has created.

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An image of the Wizkids Bells Hells Collection

It has now almost been a year since we said goodbye to the Mighty Nein and hello to Bells Hells. Critical Role's Campaign 3 has already seen its fair share of interesting combat encounters, new and returning guest characters, and mind-blowing plot reveals (Don't worry, no spoilers here.) Now that Critters are familiar with the cast of the Bells Hells WizKids has released a set of Bells Hells Miniatures for each of the Bells Hells.

The WizKids Bells Hells collection comes with a miniature not only for each member of the main cast but also includes a mini of Fearne's Wildfire Spirit and a Werewolf Chetney for his quick transitions. The full box includes the following:

  • Fearne Calloway - 1/10
  • Mister - 2/10
  • Imogen Temult - 3/10
  • Orym, of the Air Ashari - 4/10
  • Dorian Storm - 5/10
  • Chetney Pock O'Pea - 6/10
  • Werewolf Chetney - 7/10
  • Laudna - 8/10
  • Fresh Cut Grass - 9/10
  • Ashton Greymoore - 10/10

All of the minis from the Bells Hells Miniatures collection

To address the old man in the room, while it's nice to see the inclusion of alternate forms and summoned spirits it is somewhat disappointing that Bertrand Bell is not in this collection. Played by Travis Willingham for the first few episodes of Campaign 3 this important character would serve as the inspiration for this group's name and would have been a fine addition to the set.

Wizkids Critical Role Bells Hells Miniatures - Exandria Unlimited To Campaign 3

One of the best surprises for Campaign 3 was the return of Fearne, Orym, and Dorian from the first season of ExU. This trio appeared as a group and maintained their dynamics as they continued to meld with the larger group. Of these minis, Orym's small furrowed brow gives him away as the most mature of the trio and Dorian's vibrant blue garb is just as eye-catching as described but neither holds a candle to how incredible Fearne's mini is.

Bells Hells minis for Fearne, Orym, and Dorian

There is an incredible amount of vibrant color and motion in Fearne's model. Everywhere you look from the foliage-entangled staff or flaming hand, down to her flowing hemline revealing cloven hooves mid-trot the detail is incredible. This mini shows a new level of quality, detail, and pose for WizKids on a medium-sized creature.


Wizkids Critical Role Bells Hells Miniatures - BYO Therapist

FCG and Ashton from Bells Hells, Critical Role Campain 3's party

The dysfunctional duo that swept into town Fresh Cut Grass, the Automaton, and Talisen's Ashton Greymoore. Starting off with FCG, this little bot is brimming with character in his artwork, unfortunately, that charm just doesn't properly reflect in his coke bottle eyes that look a bit dead. There are some good characteristic points elsewhere on FCG including the little dust cloud coming off his one-wheel and assorted gadgets on his backpack.

Ashton stands using his hammer as a balance brimming with the cocky charm that we've come to expect. The use of light blue transparent plastic for his gem hammer draws your eyes immediately to it as it pops next to the darker green and reds of the rest of the mini. Ashton's head wound up close is a slight dab of metallic paint, but set out for a diorama or for a cameo appearance in your game no one can notice.


Wizkids Critical Role Bells Hells Miniatures - Twisted Sisters

Imogen and Laudna miniatures from Wizkids

Imogen and Laudna are a much-beloved duo from Bells Hells. In personality, at times these two couldn't be more opposite while also counting on one another. Their minis are fantastic representations of their differences. Imogen stands with a wide stance with magic sparking off her fingertips in transparent purple forks. With light brown straps and boots, a blue dress, and flowing purple hair Imogen is a bright beacon for your eyes.

Contrasting her starkly is Laudna's dark silhouette complete with two plumes of dark energy at her feet. Some of Laudna's details have been crafted to almost painstaking precision. There are subtle designs on her fabric skirt, and the grey streaks in her hair rest perfectly. Due to the small size of her hands the encroaching blackness on them also doesn't quite come across but anyone at the table close enough to notice that needs to take two large steps back.


Wizkids Critical Role Bells Hells Miniatures - The mysterious high-heeled stranger

Chetney's posture is low with a dagger drawn ready to attack. Dressed in his wooly knit beanie and cloak the wiry and frail frame of Chetney shows no sign of doubt. In his gnome rogue form he might be one of the smallest and most difficult minis to spot but once transformed into a werewolf he's anything but.

Once transformed Chetney's face contorts into a snarl and silver hair covers his body. Leaving him with some modesty Chetney sports a nice set of jorts. A really wonderful touch for this transformed piece is how similar the poses are. With his right hand raised up, wielding knife or claws, and left hand stretched back for balance or readying a second strike it's very much the same Chetney before or after.

Chetney as a Gnome as well as a Werewolf in Critical Role Campaign 3

What are our final thoughts on Wizkids Critical Role Bells Hells Miniatures?

With how great the relationship between Critical Role and Wizkids is this collection is a no-brainer. Included within are a set of high-quality minis to display as a fan or include in your own home games at your leisure. It's clear that special focus has been given to each and every one of these minis to really set them apart from the standard line whether it be the intricate use of color or the special care taken on certain design features.

Should I buy Wizkids Critical Role Bells Hells Miniatures?

For a fan of Critical Role Campaign 3 that wants to own a piece of the Bells Hells, this is definitely worth a purchase. If you're looking to update your home games with cameos from these characters it's also a big recommendation. Each of these minis is extremely unique so so if you're just looking for some Exandrian NPCs to fill your world the Critical Role generic minis might be a bit more in line with what you want.

The Wizkids Critical Role Bells Hells Miniatures used in the creation of this review were provided by Wizkids.

Review Summary

Wizkids Critical Role Bells Hells miniatures are overflowing with meticulous detail in their representation of Critical Role Campaign 3's main cast. While some teeny details have been missed these minis are some of the best Wizkids has created. (Review Policy)

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