Wizkids Vox Machina, Monsters of Exandria 3, and Critical Role Unpainted Wave 4 Review

Wizkids is releasing another wave of Critical Role minis including Vox Machina themselves, some more monsters, and unpainted minis for you next paint party.

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Vox Machina minis in the Critical Role Wizkids line

Wizkids are back at it once again creating a variety of Critical Role themed miniatures. After previously releasing miniatures for Bells Hells, the campaign 3 party, this release comes with Vox Machina. Their latest release also includes Monsters of Exandria 3, as well as a new collection of unpainted miniatures.

Wizkids Vox Machina Painted Miniatures

Just like we've seen with the Bells Hells group of miniatures Vox Machina are also getting their own Wizkids release. Included in this set you'll find miniatures for the following characters:

  • Scanlan Shorthalt
  • Vex'Ahlia
  • Vax'ildan
  • Percival De Rolo
  • Keyleth
  • Pike Trickfoot
  • Grog Strongjaw
  • Trinket

Each of these miniatures does a fantastic job to recreate the characters played by the cast of Critical Role in the first season. It's important to note that each of these characters is modeled after their official artwork, and not the look that you might have seen more recently in The Legend of Vox Machina.

Starting small Scanlan, mostly due to his small size and little variety between the different reds, browns, and purples on his outfit tends to lose a lot of his definition. On his box artwork he's meant to be holding a hand up, mouth open, as if launching into song. In real size he looks almost more like he's holding his hand up to block out the sun as if looking to something on the horizon. Scanlan is immediately juxtaposed by Pike show has been given an incredible model despite her size. With plenty to differentiate between her white hair and wings, golden armor, and blue tunic every aspect of her character absolutely pops. Shield and mace at the ready she's raring for a good battle.

The Twins Vex and Vax have been given the Vestige of Divergence treatment. Vex displays Fenthras, her bow, with its vine-like appearance Wizkids have been able to match the theme of the magical item by crafting the ends in soft plastic allowing for some vine-like flexibility. Vax is showing off Deathwalker's Wake and the raven wings that it can produce in it's Exalted state.

The miniature for Trinket the bear from Vox Machina from the Wizkids Critical Role line

Percy comes not just with his guns, one on his back and another in his hand, but also his mask over his back. While the other members of Vox Machina seem quite at home in an active pose with weapons drawn or standing hunched ready to strike Percy's simple standing pose, eyes staring ahead, cloak softly drifting in an imaginary breeze fits his brooding nature far better. Keyleth is present with her Vestige but much like her future husband seems much more composed than the rest of Vox Machina. The most beautiful aspect of Keyleth and her miniature is the beautiful cloak that shifts from blue to red as it falls to the floor.

Moving to the two largest members of Vox Machina we have Grog Strongjaw and Trinket the Bear. Grog is truly intimidating standing head and shoulders above the rest of the party, face full of beard, and sword drawn. For something to look at it's an excellent representation of the larger than life figure Grog, I do worry about how this mini will fare on the tabletop with a sword that would cover at least two squares diagonally. Any tight corridor combat or setting will make the broad stance with the sword difficult to manuveur.

Trinket is everything you would expect from a large brown bear wearing armor. While he's certainly a larger creature in his seated position he gives away his more common behavior of being a big teddy bear to Vex'aliah.


Wizkids Monsters of Exandria 3 Painted Miniatures

Having more heroes for your campaign is always a wonderful thing to come across, but when you're setting up a game for your players what you'll always want more of is a range of monsters to set down in front of them. With the Monsters of Exandria 3 set we see representation for some of the shorter run, yet fearsome monsters that Vox Machina faced in their journey.

Included in the Monsters of Exandria 3 are the following miniatures:

  • Symphior
  • Abyssal Abomination
  • Naga Abomination
  • Servant of Ghurrix
  • Ghurrix

Starting off with the smallest and the weirdest we have Symphior. There's not too much to say about this strange and small winged creature. With an overly bulbus head there's a surprising level of detail but with more clear plastic in the support than on the miniature there's other things in the box that are far more interesting.

Monsters of Exandria from the Wizkids Critical Role line

The Abyssal Abomination and Naga Abomination are absolute showstoppers in this collection of miniatures. Each show what the original form might have been before science or magic warped them into the forms you see them in. The Abyssal Abomination floats above the ground suspended by the fleshy tentacles that burst from it's torso. Each tentacle has just the right about of disturbing texture to them to make sure this mini will get just the right amount of unsettled glances across the table. The Naga Abomination shows off it's uniqueness with a form that almost mimics that of Tiamat with many different heads all emerging from the same body. Looking closer you can see where the different heads split off from the primary body that each has been grafted on.

Last and certainly not least of the Monsters of Exandria 3 collection is the Servant of Ghurrix and Ghurrix. Starting with the Servant of Ghurrix this mini has an incredible amount of detail from the ornate black and gold armor to the feathering of her wings. The use of a mask and facepaint does an excellent job helping certain features pop. One unfortunate aspect of this miniature as it doesn't seem to balance very well on its base, it's extremely back heavy so expect her to tip over a few times while playing. Ghurrix is big and bad and you'll know that from your initial look. In this pose he steps forward proudly with his weapon to his side. A great aspect of Ghurrix's appearance are all of the spikes that you can find not just on his weapon and armor, but also the spikes coming off his body and wings. Even as a miniature he can deal some damage to pick up.


Wizkids Critical Role Unpainted Miniatures Wave 4

For when you want to have a miniature based in the world of Critical Role but are interested in painting them in your own way Wizkids assortment of Unpainted Miniatures has a variety of more generically named creatures. Lorenzo, the Oni Slaver that the Mighty Nein encountered early in Campaign 2 has a generic unpainted mini in this set simply named Oni.

The miniatures that are included in the Critical Role Unpainted Miniatures Wave 4 include:

  • Oni
  • Serpentfolk and Serpentfolk Ghost
  • Platinum Golem
  • Ashari Stoneguard and Ashari Skydancer

The Oni is a very strong start to this group. Standing on rocky terrain with it's weapon raised high in the sky this is a very intimidating form to come up against. Some of his accessories give away his origin as a slaver as his intricately patterned belt and pants have a large number of sets of manacles dangling off them.

The unpainted Wave 4 minis from the Wizkids Critical Role set

The Serpentfolk are beautiful for how simplistic they are. We simply get to see serpent bodies coiled up for support as they reach forward to attack with their weapons. There's a lot of twisting and tension in their frame that manages to convey a good sense of movement whether that's a quick attack from a weapon, a spring forward to their next enemy, or even if they plan to spin around and lash out with their tail. The Serpentfolk Ghost weilds a spear but the primary difference is the ghost being printed in transparent plastic.

The Platinum Golem towers over the other Minis in this collection displaying power not only in it's bulk frame but in its movement. One hand straining as if trying to grab the air itself while the other is fully cocked back and curled into a tight fist. Everything about this miniature should be telling you to run away.

Lastly the Ashari Stoneguard is another miniature showing a humanoid ready to throw down as their double-headed axe is readied. Some nice small details in this are the open yelling mouth and the motion of his cape. From his heavily covered clothing you can expect him to be found somewhere with a colder climate. The Ashari Skydancer is much smaller and sleeker in stature. Instead of charging into an enemy headfirst the Skydancer is strafing with it's bow drawn. Interestingly this miniatures hair is transparent to give it the sense of matching a silvery/reflective quality that is found in the official artwork.

TechRaptor reviewed these miniatures with copies provided to us by Wizkids

Review Summary

Again Wizkids has created a number of incredible miniatures for the Critical Role line from player characters to monsters your party will face. (Review Policy)

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