Rumbleslam Tables, Ladders, Chests Expansion Preview

In our Rumbleslam Tables, Ladders, Chests Expansion Preview, we take a look at the different options the set offers to your games.

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Rumbleslam Tables, Ladders, Chests

Rumbleslam is a tabletop wrestling game by TTCombat. Players battle it out for dominance of the ring and with the latest expansion, Tables, Ladders, Chests, players can now add different height levels and new game variations to their matches.

Rumbleslam Tables, Ladders, Chests.

Tables, Ladders, Chests contains:

  • One chair
  • One ladder
  • One table
  • One podium
  • Five dosh piles
  • One Rumblesam multilevel statue
  • One neoprene gaming mat
  • Two rules cards with new rules and game modes
Rumbleslam Tables, Ladders, Chests.
The Rumbleslam Tables, Ladders, Chests scenery pieces are very durable and solid resin.

The Rumbleslam Tables, Ladders, Chests expansion adds two new rules, that work with the new game modes. Swag Bag and Heights are added, which work with the new game modes and scenery pieces it contains. The five dosh piles consist of a safe, chest, briefcase, and piles of coins, along with a mimic chest that works with one of the game modes. If using the swag bag rules, then when a wrestler lifts one, all friendly wrestlers can reroll crowd-pleaser rolls, which are unique attacks that each fighter has. The height rules explain how to move between heights on the scenery, and how to interact with them, and of course, attack off them.

Rumbleslam Tables, Ladders, Chests.
The Rumbleslam Tables, Ladders, Chests expansion brings a very dynamic gameplay style into the ring.

The three new game modes are:

  • TLC - Wrestlers score points based on the height of their wrestlers at the end of the match.
  • Dosh Grabbers - Wrestlers initially climb to the highest point to grab a Swag Bag and then the player with the swag bag closest to their turnbuckle wins.
  • The Floor Is Lava - Each round there is a chance that the lava in the ring will rise, damaging any wrestlers it touches. Standard Rumbleslam victory conditions apply, just with the added danger of the lava.
Rumbleslam Tables, Ladders, Chests.
The Rumblesam statue is an incredible centerpiece for games.

The scenery pieces, like all Rumbleslam pieces, are made out of solid and durable resin, they arrive clean and glue together with minimal pieces. The Rumblesam statue has the most pieces to put together, but the joins are large and glue well. It's a really standout piece on the center in the ring and adds a great dynamic with the fighters scrambling over different levels.

Adding in the height and swag bag pieces outside of the new game modes is very easy and adds an interesting element without taking away from what makes Rumbleslam great or affecting the straightforward rules too much. Putting the rules on two quick reference cards also makes it easy to find what you need, rather than flicking through a small booklet.

Rumbleslam Tables, Ladders, Chests.
Along with the scenery pieces and new game modes, a blood-splattered neoprene ring is also included.

For the extra modes and amount of scenery you get, the Tables, Ladders, Chests expansion is very cost-effective and add an extremely dynamic gameplay element that you don't get in flat ring Rumbleslam games.

The Rumbelslam Tables, Ladders, Chests Expansion used to produce this preview was provided by TTCombat.


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