Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery Preview

Published: May 21, 2020 12:00 PM /


Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery

Infinity, the sci-fi skirmish wargame from Corvus Belli is fast-paced and brutal. Any units left out in the open will find themselves under fire. So filling the battlefield with scenery is essential. Infinity and other cyberpunk games also benefit from multiple levels and luckily, Mirco Art Studio have the answer.

We previously covered Micro Art Studio's Kokkyo scenery, which includes temples, walls, subway entrances, markets, and quarters and they have just released prepainted subway entrances, markets, and quarters, and in this article, we're going to look at all 3.


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Micro Art Studios Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery

Putting It Together

All 3 of the scenery sets come flat packed, with the pieces on wooden sprues that need to be cut out. The pieces have small connections to the sprues, so cutting them out of the sprues is quick and easy.

Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery Sprues
One whole sprue from the Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery Subway and one with all the pieces removed.

After removing all the pieces, the protective film needs to be peeled away from parts. You can leave the film on until after you've glued everything together, then try and peel the film off if you're worried about getting glue on the painted side, but we found that any glue residue can be cleanly wiped away with a tissue, and keeping the protective film on was more effort to remove after construction.

Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery protective film.
The protective film is easily peeled away, showing the awesome painted scenery sides.

Putting the scenery together is extremely straight-forward. The instructions are clear, and the pieces stick together well with PVA glue. They will need to be left to dry, but once set, they are very durable.

Kokkyo-3 Subway Entrance

Kokkoy-3 Subway Entrance Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery

In the Kokkyo-3 Subway Entrance Pack, you get 2 subway entrances. They are both great for full cover that can be mounted and traversed, adding depth to your games. The detailing on the pieces is fantastic, and the weathering makes it look very realistic. There are also some great little details, such as the caution markings at the entrance and air-conditioning units.

Kokkyo-3 Subway Entrances Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery

Kokkyo-3 Quarters

Kokkyo-3 Qurters Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery

The Kokkyo-3 Quarters come with two buildings, which are stackable and also compatible with the larger Market buildings, which is shown later in this article. You also get a load of accessories for the buildings, including a large roof, a small porch roof, 2 air-conditioning units, and 2 barriers that fit on the roofs to add partial cover.


Kokkyo-3 Quarters Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery

The two Quarters are identical in construction, but Micro Art Studio has made sure they have different markings on them, including the optional boards at the front of the house.

Kokkyo-3 Quarters Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery

The Kokkyo-3 Quarters are available in 4 pre-painted colors, so you can go for the same color, if you want a uniform look for your scenery, or grab some sets of different colors, for an eclectic look for your hab block.


Kokkyo-3 Market

Kokkyo-3 Market Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery

The Kokkyo-3 Market comes with two buildings and are slightly larger than the Quarters, which they are compatible with. They also come with a huge amount of accessories, including a large roof, 2 storefront barriers, 2 large and 4 small air-conditioning units, and 6 barriers, that can be used on the top of the markets for partial cover. The barriers also have pieces that can be popped out, depending on the style of cover you want to go for.

Kokkyo-3 Markets Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery

The buildings can be stacked straight with each other, or offset using the ridges and grooves around the edges. This allows you to build odd towers, and stack with the Quarters as you choose. The two different Markets each come with their own shop logos to make them look unique. The markets are available in the same 4 matching colors as the Quarters, so they can be color-matched or not as you see fit.

Kokkyo-3 Markets Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery

Kokkyo-3 Compatability

We're big fans of the Kokkyo-3 scenery here at TechRaptor and our original set gets used in our Infinity games. The new pre-painted sets look incredible and provide a real quality that would be hard to match, even with the best home paint-job.

Kokkyo-3 Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery comparison
The Kokkyo-3 pre-painted scenery side by side with our original undercoated Kokkyo-3 scenery.

The compatibility of the Markets and Quarters, let you build some interesting and dynamic, multi-level structures to fight over.

Kokkyo-3 Micro Art Studio Pre-Painted Infinity Scenery
A multi-level structure building built out of our original Kokkyo-3 scenery and the amazing pre-painted set.

The Kokkyo-3 pre-painted scenery is an easy way to add great-looking multi-level scenery to your wargames. Putting them together is fast, and incredibly easy, and they're ready for the tabletop as soon as the glue has dried. The different accessory options add some great detail and dynamic terrain to fight over.


A game of Infinity CodeOne using the pre-painted Kokkyo-3 scenery.
A game of Infinity CodeOne, where a Yu Jing patrol through the Kokkyo-3 district sees them ambushed by PanO forces.

The copies of the Kokkyo-3 pre-painted scenery used to produce this preview were provided by Micro Art Studio.

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