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Fantasy World Creator is a toolbox for creating physical representations of the dungeons and landscapes of the worlds of your fantasy roleplaying games. Initially a successful Kickstarter, it's now available in retail. 

The Fantasy World Creator box is a fair size and weight. It's has a huge amount of content for your games. 

The full contents of the box are: 

  • 126 map tiles 
  • 24 character stand-ups 
  • 101 creature stand-ups 
  • 30 large creature stand-ups 
  • 140 environment tokens 
  • 80 status tokens 
  • 6 character sheets 
  • 2 erasable markers 
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Fantasy World Creator has a huge amount of tiles in the box.

The map tiles in Fantasy World Creator come in three sizes from large 8x8 rooms, smaller 4x4 rooms, and 4x2 corridors. The squares are 1 inch by 1 inch, so the large tiles are 8x8 inches. 

All the tiles fit together so that you can make floor plans, or dungeon corridors as you wish. They also come in a variety of background detail and all tiles are double-sided. They are also all laminated so that you can use any of the drywipe markers provided to add extra details or mark points. 

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Fantasy World Creator also contains a huge amount of terrain and detail tokens.

The box also contains a huge amount of terrain and detail tokens. These are slightly thinner card pieces, but not less durable. The large terrain tiles are double-sided, with one side containing roof details so that you can place them over the top of rooms to hide the details inside, or so that you can have two layers of a dungeon, or possibly a rooftop battle in a village or town. The smaller tiles contain almost anything you could want for a fantasy setting, from a 3-part boat to a summoning circle. 

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The character and enemy stand-ups from Fantasy World Creator.

Fantasy World Creator also contains many characters, non-player character, and monster stand-ups. These are all double sided and can also be marked with the drywipe markers to make notes. For the larger monsters, there's 1 of each, but for some of the smaller, more common monsters there are several. Because you can draw on them, it allows you to add little details to differentiate a crew of goblins or kobolds. There are also some square bases that fit around the plastic stands. These are there so that the larger monsters take up the correct amount of board space on the maps. 

The artwork throughout is great, especially the dragon that can be seen in the image above. 

There are also several blank cards for the smaller and medium stand-ups, for the creators with some artistic talent. 

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The counters and character sheets from Fantasy World Creator.

Fantasy World Creator also contains a load of effect and status tokens, as well as some character sheet cards that can be used to track health and effects, in order to stop your character sheets getting damaged by noting the constantly changing values of health and wealth.

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Also provided with the box is the Fantasy World Creator app, so that you can plan and create your dungeons in advance and also, get them set up on the tabletop quicker. The app is great for planning as it shows all the contents of the box, allowing you to track what tiles you have left, rather than shuffling through the box to check. It's very simple to use and just requires dragging and dropping tiles into place. It also means that after you've planned your game, you can set it up according to your plan straight from the app during the session, rather than having to make any notes on paper. You can also keep track of where the heroes are when a session ends if the game spans over several sessions and can set up and pick up from where you left on next time.

To make things even quicker, you can also draw on the maps in advance, in order to prepare your dungeon. Just make sure the tiles don't move around too much when you transport them. If there's too much shift the tiles can remove the detail from each other. Most Games Masters are going to be using them to show detail as the game progresses, and that's their real strength. Being able to mark traps, rockfalls or even let the players note where they drop equipment is great for immersion. The tiles are durable and creating your own maps, even on the fly is quick and straight-forward as the tiles all link together very well. The scenic markers and rooftops are a great inclusion and can really add depth to your sessions.

There's a huge amount of depth out of the Fantasy World Creator box. It's not quite a blank slate, but Game Start has done a lot of the grunt work to make your life easier during games. Anything that helps to make the Games Master's life easier is always a win.


This copy of Fantasy World Creator was provided by Asmodee UK.


What do you think about using miniatures in roleplaying games? What do you think about the detail and artwork in Fantasy World Creator? Have you tried Fantasy World Creator? Let us know in the comments below.


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