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Boba Fett and the Scout Trooper expansions are the latest releases for Star Wars Legion, allowing you to add some accurate sharp shooters to your Galactic Empire force. Both are expansions that require a copy of the Star Wars Legion Core Set to play, however the rules are available on the Fantasy Flight Games website for free. For more details on Star Wars Legion, check out our Core Set review. In this article we're going to look at both expansions and what they can add to your force.

Boba Fett

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The full contents of the Boba Fett operative expansion for Star Wars Legion.

The Boba Fett operative expansion is different from the previous Empire single unit expansions. The previous single units have been leaders like Darth Vader from the Core Set or General Veers from Wave 2, but Boba is an operative, which means he can't issue orders to other units. Boba Fett still brings his own abilities and arsenal to the table, but in a more personal way.

The Boba Fett expansions includes:

  • 1 Boba Fett miniature with clear flying stand
  • Alll the game tokens required for the unit
  • Unit stat card
  • 3 Command Cards
  • 3 Equipment cards
  • Miniature assembly instructions
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Boba Fett is an incredibly versatile unit and with all his available options, he's able to fulfill a variety of battlefield roles. His main strengths are his speed and mobility, durability and his ability to consistently deal a small amount of damage.

Fett has Speed 3 and Jump 2. The Airspeeder and Speeder Bikes all have speed 3, so he's equal to the fastest units in the game at the moment, but unlike the speeders who have a compulsory move, he has the mobility to move any distance within that value. His Jump ability means that he can clear most terrain as well. Sharpshooter and Arsenal allow Fett to reign down shots on his targets. His weapons don't give him much change of damage, but he will consistently deal that damage to a target. Arsenal 2 allows you to combine two of his three fixed weapons into a pool, or one from one of his command cards with a fixed weapons, making him extremely versatile in terms of the damage he puts out.

Fett also has an interesting ability, Bounty, which means that at the start of the game, you get to pick an enemy commander or operative as the bounty target and if Boba removes them from play, and then survives the rest of the game himself, you get an extra victory token. It's a great tool for some psychological warfare with your opponent, who might not be so aggressive with the bounty target. It does mean that if Fett does take out the target, he has to survive, so you may not want to use him as aggressively yourself for the rest of the game.

Fett has three of his own Objective cards that are incredible situational cards. The Whipcord Launcher Objective card is great for control. The ZX Flame Projector Objective card gives Fett a one use Flame Thrower that's very effective at clearing nearby troops out. The Z-6 Jetpack Launcher gives Fett a missile that fires with 3 red dice, which combined with his Arsenal ability, for one turn Fett has an attack that does 3 red and 2 black at a possible range 3.

The upgrades included in the Boba Fett expansion are Hunter, which provides a free aim token when targeting a unit that's already wounded, Duck and Cover allows a unit to become take a suppression token to improve its cover and Emergency Stims can keep your character alive for an extra turn, possibly allowing you to finish off a unit that you've been targeting, or to survive the game if played on the last turn.

Boba Fett is an incredible unit, pricy at 140 points before equipment, but he can put an incredible amount of pressure on your opponent and more importantly, he's a lot of fun to play.

Scout Troopers

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The full contents of the Scout Troopers unit expansion for Star Wars Legion.

The Scout Troopers unit expansion gives you access to two Scout Troopers units, 1 four trooper unit and 1 two trooper unit (with either the sniper or saboteur). The weapon not used with the 2 trooper team can then be added to the other team if required. The Scout Troopers are a consistent damage dealing unit and can be game changing with the right positioning and equipment.

The Scout Troopers unit expansion includes:

  • 7 Scout Trooper miniatures
  • Alll the tokens required for the units
  • 2 Unit stat cards
  • 5 Equipment cards
  • Miniature assembly instructions
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The Scout Troopers are great special operations soldiers. They can push a little further onto the board after deployment with their Scout ability and their Low Profile and Sharpshooter allows them to lay solid fire on their targets while taking less back in return. 2 black attack dice at range 2 means they should consistently be doing a steady low amount of damage each turn. The two trooper unit can be deployed with either the DLT-19x Sniper, which has 2 black at unlimited range with Pierce 1, which stops 1 block and also it can stop the defender spending dodge tokens with its High Velocity. The Sonic Charge Saboteur allows the unit to place an explosive with a blast radius that can be detonated later on, after any unit (including your opponents) takes an action. All of the Scout Troopers have a lower defence dice than the other Empire units, so keeping them out of direct fire is important.

The Scout Troopers come with 5 upgrade cards, the DLT-19x Sniper and the Sonic Charge Saboteur and also Emergency Stims and Duck and Cover mentioned above in Boba Fett's upgrades. The Scout Troopers also come with the HQ Uplink upgrade that can exhausted to allow you to give an order token outside of the command card you chose and also out of range of the commander as the unit effectively gives the order to itself.

The Scout Troopers unit is good value if you're planning to use both units in games. If you wish to field 3 two trooper sniper teams you will need to purchase three copies of the scout trooper unit expansion. But that will still give you access to three very effective units. They can't take damage well, but they are able to dish out consistent damage and the two different specialist options give you some very handy versatility in games.


What do you think of the Boba Fett and Scout Troopers expansions? Have you already added them to your force? What other upgrade cards would you use with them? Let us now in the comments below.

These copies of the Boba Fett and Scout Troopers Expansions were provided by Asmodee UK.

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