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This Week In Wargaming - August 29th, 2016

August 29, 2016

By: Michael Johnson


Hello, TechRaptor readers! Here’s what you may have missed in the world of tabletop wargaming over the last week.


First up is some big announcements from Games Workshop and Forge World. This week saw the announcement of the updated version of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, the skirmish level variation of the main Warhammer 40,000 game. This iteration of Kill Team has its own boxed set as well, pitting a Space Marine tactical squad against a strike team of Tau Fire Warriors. For people interested in just the rules, iBook and eBook versions of the ruleset will be released as well.



Along with the new game release is the upcoming re-launch of White Dwarf. The magazine is moving back to its original monthly format after many months of player disappointment with the weekly version. Games Workshop promises to Make White Dwarf Great Again by adding in content from previous iterations of the magazine people have been clamoring for, like detailed battle reports and more in-depth information on new and upcoming releases. This month's issue is set to get lots of people's attention with the additional content for its boxed games such as Deathwatch: Overkill, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, and more. And to top it all off, this month's issue also comes with a free Khorne Slaughterpriest for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar as well. Both White Dwarf and Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team are set to hit store shelves on September 2nd.

Image Courtesy of Games Workshop
Image Courtesy of Games Workshop

And not to be outdone, Forge World has finally released the Mastodon Heavy Assault Transport for The Horus Heresy. Clocking in at a hefty 300 GBP, the super-heavy transport has a cargo capacity of 40 Space Marines and enough firepower to seemingly delete entire twenty-man squads off the table with ease. The rules for the Mastodon are currently available in The Horus Heresy Book Six – Retribution rulebook, and models will begin shipping out on September 2nd.



Image courtesy of Privateer Press
Image courtesy of Privateer Press

Privateer Press has released the updated 2 player battle boxes for both Warmachine and Hordes. The Warmachine version pits the forces of Cygnar against the nightmare legions of Cryx, while the Hordes version features the affable Trollbloods battling against the bloodthirsty Skorne. The starter sets retail at $89.99 USD and is available either online or at your FLGS now.

Corvus Belli held their annual Interplanetario tournament for Infinity over the weekend in Vigo, Spain. The company also had several free and paid streams of various seminars taking place over the weekend, with the free panels already available on their YouTube channel. Several images of upcoming unit renders were also released online, showing what's in store for the game in the future including a new starter pack for the Shock Army of Acontecimento is currently in the works.

Warlord Games has several new models available for their "weird WWII" game Konflict '47, with a heavy emphasis on the "weird" part. The German Schreckwulfen and Nachtjäger squads are available if you've decided that your current World War 2 games lack the requisite number of Nazi werewolves and man-bats. The company also released the Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry with LMGs as well, if you've decided your Germans need a bit more normalcy on the battlefield for whatever reason.


And finally, the long-awaited prologue for the fan-made film The Lord Inquisitor: Seed of Ambition was released over the weekend on YouTube. Created entirely by one 3D artist by the name of Erasmus Brosdau, the prologue clock in at a short nine minutes, but puts previous efforts like the derided Ultramarines movie released by Games Workshop to utter shame. While there is currently no set date for the full release, as just doing this prologue took Brosdau six years to complete, fans of the grim darkness of the far future are still eagerly awaiting the film's completion.


What news snippets caught your attention? What are you saving your pennies for? Any games you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments below!