Power Rangers RPG Coming In 2022

Renegade Game Studios have released new details about a new tabletop project: A Power Rangers RPG

Published: August 31, 2021 2:20 PM /


The team of Power Rangers with the villains in profile behind them

Renegade Game Studios have revealed more details about their upcoming Power Rangers RPG. This includes a release date for the core rulebook and accessories.

Their official newsletter laid out the details. The Core Rulebook of the Power Rangers RPG will be based on the first six seasons of the long-running TV series, covering the entire Zordon Era. The game will include rules and stats for the Ranger teams shown in those seasons, a fully fleshed out version of the West Coast town of Angel Grove, as well as monsters and major villains like Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and Master Vile. Furthermore, the book will include rules on how to create your own original team of Rangers, including their own weapons and Zords, as well as their own villains to defeat. The Core Rulebook contains everything you need to run a game and will be available both physically and digitally through Roll20 for $55.

Following that is a Power Rangers RPG Gamemaster Screen. In addition to it being a handy reference for GM's running physical games and sporting some great artwork by TJ Storm of the Rangers fighting giant monsters, it will include a new pre-written adventure. Titled "A Glutton For Punishment," it is meant for new players after they have completed the introductory adventure found in the Core Rulebook. All of this will be selling for $28.

A collection of Power Rangers themed dice
I need these sets now. All of them.

Finally, it wouldn't be a Power Rangers RPG without custom dice sets to pick up. There will be six different dice sets. Each one will be based on the colors of the original Mighty Morphin' team: Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, and Green respectively. Each set will include a d4, d6, d8, d12, two d20s, and a coin based on their respective Zord. Each of these dice sets will set you back $15. There are also Power Rangers themed dice bags, complete with the iconic lightning bolt, sold for $15 as well.

The reason for the dice sets being unconventional is because the Power Rangers RPG will be utilizing a new Essence20 RPG system. This is the same RPG system that Renegade Game Studios will be using for tabletop RPG adaptations of other Hasbro-owned properties. These include GI Joe, Transformers, and My Little Pony. This is being done so the RPGs are compatible with one another, allowing easy and seamless crossovers to happen between the various properties. Megazords fighting Decepticons, the Joes trying to navigate Ponyville, the potential is endless. Originally, these RPGs were going to use a system based on the 5e OGL, making them closer to the current edition of Dungeons and Dragons, but the developers chose to make something proprietary. Given that Renegade has earned a lot of goodwill with the positively received Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid board game as well continuous updates with expansions and character packs, fans are cautiously optimistic.

The Power Rangers RPG, GM Screen, dice, and dice bags are available for pre-order right now on Renegade's website until December 15. Shipping and retail release is slated for January 2022.

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