Old Gods of Appalachia TTRPG Backed in 11 Minutes

Today, Monte Cook Games' official Old Gods of Appalachia TTRPG Kickstarter campaign, based on the horror anthology podcast, went live. 11 minutes later, it was fully funded.

Published: April 12, 2022 4:29 PM /


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Earlier today, Monte Cook Games' Kickstarter campaign for an officially licensed Old Gods of Appalachia TTRPG went live. The game is based on the horror anthology podcast of the same name, depicting a twisted and haunting version of the Appalachian Mountains where unknowable things dwell. The podcast itself has gone on to win many awards and has courted its share of talent, and Monte Cook Games is a recognizable brand in the tabletop industry. But when the Kickstarter campaign went live and was immediately funded a mere eleven minutes later, everyone involved were still surprised.

The confirmation of this milestone came from Monte Cook Games' official Twitter account. First, they tweeted out that the Kickstarter campaign for the Old Gods of Appalachia TTRPG had gone live. Then at 11:15 AM EST, Monte Cook Games tweeted, "Funded in ELEVEN MINUTES? That's a new record for us, Family! We appreciate your support, and the journey is just beginning." The text was accompanied by a piece of artwork from the rulebook, an oil lantern with some horrific and unusual liquid floating inside.

The tweet of Monte Cook Games declaring the funding of Old Gods of Appalachia
The tweet in question.

The success of the Old Gods of Appalachia TTRPG Kickstarter is not an overstatement by Monte Cook Games. While the company's history can be traced back to Monte Cook's cosmic influence on Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition, the studio's talent has lead to other crowdfunding success stories. These include the Path of the Planebreaker adventure book for DnD 5e, as well as the Numenara adventure setting. While these strong ties to one of the oldest and most popular TTRPGs ever did lead to strong sales and positive word of mouth, the Old Gods of Appalachia TTRPG is still their fastest success story to date.

At the time of writing, the Old Gods of Appalachia TTRPG Kickstarter campaign has reached $475,445, fulfilling its goal of $50,000 more than nine times over. The various Kickstarter tiers include a PDF of the rulebook starting at $25 and goes all the way up to getting a PDF, a GM Campaign Journal, early access and playtest participation, premium dice and dice tray, a GM Screen, an XP Deck, a Resource Deck, a set of five character portfolios, and a Deluxe edition of the core rulebook signed by the creators of the Old Gods of Appalachia podcast. The campaign will come to a close May 6.

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