Official Rome: Total War Board Game Coming Soon

It has been announced that the PC strategy game Rome: Total War will be getting a board game adaptation

Published: August 4, 2021 3:47 PM /


An army of Roman soldiers in a red background

It appears that fans of the beloved PC strategy series Rome: Total War may need to make room on their gaming shelves in the near future. This is because an official board game adaptation is on the way.

The announcement was made through an exclusive reveal on the website Wargamer. The board game adaptation of Rome: Total War will be overseen by publisher PSC Games and will focus on translating the core pillars of the series to the tabletop scene. Those pillars include large scale RTS battles where you manage your troops and the grand strategy elements of managing your empire as you grow and expand.

According to PSC Games Head Will Townshend, the game went through three different prototypes before they settled on a design that balanced both of these elements. There are economic elements that must be there, but the series' highlight is amassing armies and crushing your opponents. Townshend continued that this will be a board game about, "throwing lots of dice, building your armies, upgrading, and all that stuff that you do in the videogame," which is tricky considering the series has a lot in common with both board games and tabletop war games respectively. The story recognizes this when discussing the three different prototypes, which moved from different designers including Simon Hall and Martin Wallace. It wasn't until they had a game that could comfortably be called a medium-weight wargame with an economic engine that they settled on the final design.

Two armies facing off in Rome Total War
I can already hear the dice being rolled to resolve all of these hits.

If you are a fan of Rome: Total War and would like to know more, then PSC Games will not have you waiting for long. An extended reveal of the game by both the publisher as well as the developer of the PC game, Creative Assembly is scheduled to be revealed on August 10.  As for when this board game will officially come out, its Kickstarter campaign is currently slated to go live by the end of this year or by early 2022 before coming to retail stores.

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