New Wave of Shows Coming to Warhammer Plus

Published: August 16, 2023 2:59 PM /


A screenshot of an Adeptas Sororitas character from the Warhammer Plus preview

New content are coming to Warhammer Plus. Games Workshop's premium subscription service has been around for roughly two years now, providing Warhammer fans with dedicated streaming content as well as exclusive miniatures.

As for what new material is coming, it is a mix of returning favorites as well as some new animated series.

The new wave of Warhammer Plus

In an official Warhammer-Community post, Games Workshop provides a teaser for the future of Warhammer Plus.

The post opens with Games Workshop promoting various shows already on the service. The Warhammer 40k anthology series, Hammer and Bolter. The psychic detective noir series, Interrogator. And the Age of Sigmar series about the titular assassin, Blacktalon.

Most of these shows were introduced in January of 2022, and have garnered a considerable fanbase.

As for new shows, Games Workshop did provide a brief teaser trailer. The trailer was a sizzle reel, showing brief snippets of footage of new productions for Warhammer Plus.

That footage shows an Adeptas Sororitas, a Necron, and a Chaos Knight beating down what appears to be a Space Marine in Terminator armor.

A screenshot of a Chaos Knight cutting into a unit offscreen with blue and white armor
Cut him open like a tin can.

The post concludes with Games Workshop mentioning additional benefits of a Warhammer Plus subscription.

These include over 70 episodes of Battle Report, which showcase different playable scenarios in Warhammer 40k, over 60 episodes of the miniature painting series Citadel Colour Masterclass, and over 50 episodes of Loremasters, which tucks into Warhammer 40k's deep lore.

In an act of confidence, Games Workshop has even some of this material free to watch for a limited time.

From August 9-22, you can watch two episodes of Battle Report, showing the Gloomspite Gitz against the Leagues of Votann, an episode of Citadel Colour Masterclass on how to paint bone, and an episode of Loremasters that discusses Terminator armor.

Lastly, this free period includes the Hammer and Bolter episode, Eternal.


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