New Shows Coming to Warhammer+ This Year

Warhammer+, the subscription-based streaming service for Games Workshop's popular dark sci-fi universe, is moving forward with even more original programming, including animated shows and books.

Published: January 5, 2022 3:15 PM /


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Last year, Games Workshop launched Warhammer+. It is a subscription-based service where fans of Warhammer gain access to different forms of multimedia content based around the popular sci-fi war game. These include tabletop streaming like How To guides and battle reports, animated shows based on the lore of the games, and access to a vault of reading material. While it did make a positive first impression, Games Workshop is continuing to support the service, improving on the service's foundation.

In an official Warhammer-Community news post, Games Workshop laid out all of the original programming coming to Warhammer+ in 2022. In addition to brand new episodes of Citadel Colors Masterclass, Loremasters, and Battle Report, new and returning animated shows were confirmed. These include new series The Exodite, Black Talon, Interrogator, as well as new episodes of the animated series, Hammer and Bolter.

For those more into reading material, Warhammer+ will have you covered as well. The Warhammer Vault will include a brand new retrospective of the End Times, starting with End Times: Nagash, as well as the Taros Campaign from the Imperial Armour series. If you're more interested in issues of White Dwarf you may have missed, September 2021's issue will be coming to the vault as well.

A Warhammer miniature shown in dark silhouette
I wonder what it could be? Image Credit: Games Workshop

Finally, brand new exclusive miniatures were teased. If you subscribe to Warhammer+ for an entire year straight, you are eligible for an exclusive miniature to use in your games of Warhammer 40k. The new miniature for 2022 was shown in silhouette and has led to some speculation. Given that this year marks the first official season of content for the miniatures game, it's safe to assume the unit is tied to Nachmund. Most likely, based on the humanoid design and large pauldrons, it will be a named character from either the Imperium or Chaos, which given the major updates coming to the Aeldari and the Tau seems fair.

Nevertheless, in a market as saturated as streaming services are, Games Workshop's continued support for Warhammer+ does show their dedication to serving this part of their community.

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