Games Workshop Announces Pontifex Zenestra For Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Published: August 15, 2023 3:21 PM /


Artwork of Pontifex Zenestra, carried on an elaborate palanquin by an army of soldiers

Games Workshop has announced a new unit coming to Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The fantasy tabletop miniatures game, and sister series to Warhammer 40k, have previewed a new army before, the Cities of Sigmar That army now has a named unit: Pontifex Zenestra.

The Pontifex Zenestria Preview

In an official Warhammer-Community post, Games Workshop explains what Pontifex Zenestra brings to the Cities of Sigmar army.

Since the Cities of Sigmar army thrives on religious zeal, Pontifex Zenestra channels that devotion. She is a dedicated member of the Cult of the Great Wheel, a group that believes that wheels are divine symbols of the god King Sigmar's power.

As such, using wheels to carry anything is seen as sacrilegious. Such is the fervor of the cult's devotion.

This is why Pontifex Zenestra enters the battlefield via a palanquin. Carried into battle thanks to the strength and stamina of her servants.

A screenshot of the Cities of Sigmar army pushing forward, Pontifex Zenestra is seen in the distance
For the glory of Sigmar.

As for who Zenestra is or where she came from, that is a mystery. Rumors range from her not being human to her earning the touch of Ghal Maraz, the divine warhammer wielded by Sigmar himself.

While her origins are unknown, Pontifex Zenestra does bring considerable power to the battlefield. For example, her palanquin isn't just for show. It has been blessed and sanctified by divine power, granting a ward of 4+.

Zenestra is also a Vessel of Sigmar. This means that she can sanctify the earth with Hallowed Ground, granting units a ward of 5+ while they are within 18" of her.

Another blessing, The Great Wheel Turns, can revitalize units, giving them 2" of additional movement.

Lastly, there is Cast Out Evil. This forces every enemy wizard and priest on the battlefield to suffer a series of mortal wounds on a 2+ dice roll.

A screenshot of Pontifex Zenestra's palanquin, accompanied by text describing its various blessings and game effects.
Blessed the Great Wheel itself.

Of course all of that divine power does take a toll on the palanquin bearers. A few months is all it takes for a muscular youth to become a withered husk. But, there are always more dedicated followers to take their place.


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