The Mighty Nein's Next Challenge Is The Echoes of the Solstice, Live Show In Cinemas

The Apogee Solstice (Applebee's Soulcycle?) is being addressed by Bell's Hells but in Critical Role's London Live Show The Mighty Nein will have to deal with the Echoes of the Solstice! #Critters

Published: September 21, 2023 2:42 PM /


A poster for the Mighty Nein Reunion Echoes of the Solstice event with the characters of the Mighty Nein on the poster

Critical Role is back putting on live shows with their next event taking place at the Ovo Arena in London. This event, titled The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice will see the party from Campaign 2 of Critical Role reunite once again to see how they're dealing with the fallout of the Apogee Solstice.

In the wake of the chaos after the Apogee Solstice, the Mighty Nein join forces yet again to deal with the rolling dangers suddenly unleashed. 

Today Critical Role announced that this live show was officially sold out, but that as they've done with other major Critical Role events this one-shot will be broadcast in over 90+ theaters across the US and Canada. Critical Role will be partnering with Cinemark in the US and Cineplex in Canada to make this possible.

The description of the event through Cinemark is slightly different, but still doesn't offer much as to what The Mighty Nein may be facing in this 4 hour and 45 minute event.

The world of Exandria is in a state of turmoil after the Archmage Ludinus Da'leth took advantage of a magical phenomenon known as the Apogee Solstice to lock the ruddy moon Ruidus in the skies above. Arcane abilities, such as teleportation and communication, have gone offline. Enchantments have unraveled and uncertainty about the future is high. Two members of the adventuring group known as the Mighty Nein, Beauregard Lionett and Caleb Widogast, were part of the teams that attempted to stop Ludinus but failed. Now the Mighty Nein themselves must come back together and aid a world on the brink of chaos, where danger could come from any corner.

You can view a full list of participating theaters to purchase tickets in the US or tickets in the UK.

These screenings will be a one-night-only event and will be Thursday, October 26th at 7 pm local time. This is a big benefit for those who live on the East Coast who are normally waiting for Critical Role to normally go live at 10pm.

Who is playing in the Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice one-shot?

The whole cast of Critical Role has been confirmed for this one-shot. Ashley Johnson, Laura Bailey, Liam O’Brien, Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, Taliesin Jaffe, and Sam Riegel will all be led once again by Matthew Mercer. One question that has yet to be answered though is whether Taliesen Jaffe will be playing as Caduceus Clay, his firbolg cleric who he played as for the majority of Campaign 2, or if he'll be playing as Kingsley Tealeaf once again after playing as him for the last Might Nein Reunited two-part adventure where they took on Uk'otoa.


Critical Role has most recently begun a new season of Candela Obscura, sharing the name with their upcoming RPG system Candela Obscura sees groups of paranormal investigators walk the line between the mortal realm and the void beyond. We got to recently speak with Spenser Starke, co-creator of Candela Obscura and GM of Candela Obscura Chapter 2, and Brennan Lee Mulligan, player in Candela Obscura Chapter 2 and founder of Dimension 20.

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