Guilty Gear Strive Board Game Fully Funded on Kickstarter

Published: September 13, 2023 4:17 PM /


The box art for the Guilty Gear Strive Board Game, May is visible on the left side of the screen.

A new tabletop fighting game adaptation has entered the arena. Level 99 Games' Kickstarter campaign for the Guilty Gear Strive board game, adapting Arc System Works' stylish anime action tabletop. That campaign has recently concluded.

The Guilty Gear Strive board game announcement

According to the official Kickstarter campaign, the Guilty Gear Strive board game will bring the fast-paced action of the fighting game series to the gaming table.

The game is a competitive experience between two players based on the Exceed Fighting System. Both players pick one of twenty different characters. These will include iconic fighters like Sol Badguy, Giovanna, Testament, and Faust.

Each of these fighters will have their own deck of cards, their own tuckbox, a double-sided fighter card, rules reference cards, and their own standee. Those standouts are placed on a line of squares, meant to represent a 2D arena.

Each card will feature that fighter's attacks, including their iconic special moves and Ultras.You can use these cards to boost yourself and cancel into powerful combos. The first player to hit 0 health loses.

A handful of card artwork showing Sol Badguy's attacks from the Guilty Gear Strive board game
Let's see if those combo strings still work.

For fans of potential crossovers, the Guilty Gear Strive board game is completely cross-compatible with other board games made by the publisher. These include board game adaptations of other Arc System fighters Blazblue and Under Night In-Birth.

Those who have backed the campaign also had access to various add-ons and stretch goals. These include metal coin health trackers, acryllic fighter standees, a neoprene double-stitched playmat, and a storage box.

Level 99 Games has stated that almost all add-ons in the Guilty Gear Strive board game may be available down the line as part of future special promotions from the store. The acryllic standees are Kickstarter exclusive, they will not be coming to retail.

The Guilty Gear Strive board game Kickstarter campaign launched with a goal of $150,000. It concluded with $439,003 raised, almost three times the funding goal.

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