Frostpunk Board Game Brings Survival to The Table

Published: June 13, 2020 1:00 PM /


The frostpunk board game with a wintery background

11-Bit Studios made several announcements at this year's Guerrilla Collective showcase. Showing off trailers for several of their beloved games, including an announcement for a Kickstarter campaign. The goal: A board game adaptation of their community survival game, Frostpunk. It's not exactly a stretch since Frostpunk originally started as a paper prototype, allowing the developers to quickly sketch out and playtest ideas.

The board game will include the talents of Glass Cannon Unplugged and lead designer Jakub Wiśniewski, the same talented people who helped bring the bleak survival experience This War of Mine to the gaming table. as well as COO of game publisher Phalanx, Michal Ozon, and it promises to bring the same core elements and themes Frostpunk is known for. The original release came out in 2018 and took place in an alternate history where the Earth had frozen over, and the last small pockets of humanity are hunkered down in fortified cities, with you the player as their leader and manager. In this board game adaptation, up to four players will take on the role of leaders of a small colony of survivors in this post-apocalyptic world, managing both the colony's infrastructure and its citizens.

The core gameplay will be brutal, challenging, and complex, but easy to learn. How you choose to divide up your resources, how many will you risk to find food, and just how much of your morality are you willing to compromise to maintain law and order to your struggling city in the face of a terrifying blizzard. Worse still, this struggling city isn't just pieces on a board, they will have a voice. Society members will issue demands and react accordingly to the current mood, so every decision and action bears consequences. Will you treat them like another resource? Are you going to be an inspiring builder, a fearless explorer, or a bright scientist? Is your rule going to be a sting of tyranny or an era of law and equality?

The Kickstarter for Frostpunk: The Board Game will be going live this Fall.


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